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It´s no secret that in today´s fast-paced environment, hotels must have a multitude of appropriate systems in place to handle a wide range of functionalities. However, in order to make the most efficient and effective use of these systems, they must be reliable. Below is a list of the many systems that we are speaking of:

  1. PMS: Property Management System
  2. CRS: Central Reservation System
  3. Channel Manager
  4. RMS: Revenue Management System
  5. ORM: Online Reputation Management
  6. IBE: Internet Booking Engine
  7. Rate Intelligence Tool

The aforementioned list already includes 7 different systems. Imagine that you are a small hotel with 35 rooms and you must utilize all 7 different systems in order to stay on top of the market. Seems a bit overkill, don’t you think? Nowadays it´s actually quite important to have all of these systems in place in order to become a market leader, no matter what size your hotel is. The key is to find the most reliable systems that are available.

While speaking of reliability among all of these systems, the most obvious challenges that we hear, are the ones we hear from clients. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Lack of integrations and interfaces: Systems do not talk to each other. So you must make changes in multiple systems.
  1. Fresh data: Data provided for reporting and analytical purposes are not real-time or “fresh”.
  1. Time-consuming: Technology is meant to speed up our daily tasks and give us faster decision-making power. However, sometimes what happens is just the opposite.
  1. Too many systems: Having a different system for every task is not making my job easy and efficient.
  1. Too complicated: Many independent hotels have various employees handling a wide range of tasks and do not have time to understand the complexity of the systems in place.
  1. Lack of support: Technology provider support takes too long to suffice or does not give the right answers to my problems. Besides, a lack of support in native languages is another persistent issue.

During this blog series, we will highlight the challenges faced by several customers and elaborate on what you can do to overcome these systems reliability-related challenges.

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