Experience true grandeur at the Al Manzel Hotel Apartments, right in the middle of the commercial district of Abu Dhabi, the city better known as ‘The Las Vegas of Middle Eastern Dubai’. This alluring property effortlessly captures the city’s essence, which reverberates in a bespoke and artistically stimulating ambiance. On one hand, the hotel carefully anticipates every need of its business and leisure guests, and on the other, it delivers some of the finest facilities and services. So visitors get to revel in a home-like comfort and convenience. The friendly and multilingual staff serve you with a touch of the finest traditions of Arabian hospitality, which is all about cozy interiors and a peaceful refuge.

Moving ahead with our Brilliant hotelier series this week, our Customer Success Manager, Tarika Pathak, spoke with Ria Roberto, who is the Director of Revenue Management at Kenz Hotel Management (Al Manzel Hotel Apartments, Abu Dhabi), UAE.

Tarika: Welcome to the Brilliant Hotelier Series Ria. Al Manzel Hotel Apartments has been rated as an excellent hotel on TripAdvisor and most of your guests claim that your property testifies value for money. Being a frontrunner of the team at Kenz Hotel Management, what do you have to say on this?

Ria: Thanks for having me onboard for this interview Tarika!

It obviously feels great when one is appreciated for their service, especially by valued guests on social media and reputed metasearch engines, such as TripAdvisor. We always strive to deliver our guests with the best comfort as they are our top priority. Al Manzel Hotel Apartments features 216 suites and our units range from 73 Deluxe Studio Suites to 143 One-Bedroom Suites. Each one of them is individually decorated in a stylish and spacious manner. We also have a state-of-art health gymnasium, an outdoor temperature controlled pool and several other amenities, to suit the needs of our guests.

Tarika: Being a modern hotel apartment, I am sure you have several technological advances installed at your property. What is your take on the effects of technology in the hospitality industry? 

Ria: Maintaining a solid relationship with frequent transient and business guests is a key factor, which contributes towards choosing one hotel in a given area.  That is why human interaction is always an important piece of the overall guest experience. Yet technology is advancing and procedures of the past will be altered by hospitality automation solutions.

I am sure that several jobs will be replaced in the near future by automation in hospitality and travel. For example the robotic butlers or autonomous helpers at restaurants are no longer a thing of the past! These innovations are hard to ignore for they will assist hotels to keep up with competition.

Tarika: What were the challenges you faced before the implementation of our hotel distribution manager – RezGain?

Ria: One of the major challenges that we had been facing was rate loading. We were unable to smartly manage multiple OTAs via a single unified platform. So the task became very time consuming. Loading rates did not ensure that rate and availability parity were present across all the channels.

Tarika: What were the visible improvements you noticed after implementing our solutions?  

Ria: We have observed remarkable improvements in terms of man hours spent in updating rates. Thanks to your Price Intelligence Tool – Optima, our hotel no longer has overbooking issues as we are in complete control of both availability and restrictions.

Besides, the unified revenue management suite has various functionalities, which assist us in improving our ADR. It sends out alerts as and when our competitors change their rates and selling strategy. This gives us room to react accordingly and leave no money on the table.

Tarika: Usability wise, how do you find our unified revenue management suite – Unity and how has it made your life easy? 

Ria: It is a very user-friendly tool for it has given us more time to carry out other tasks.  The Unity mobile app is an awesome feature as we can carry out multiple functions on the go namely, checking up on availability and rates, rate shopping, online reputation etc. It also renders instant insight into my competitors’ rating strategy.

Tarika: Why did you choose to go with RateGain products compared to other solutions and what is the best feature/application amongst our solutions? 

Ria Roberto, Director of Revenue Management at Kenz Hotel Management

Ria Roberto, Director of Revenue Management at Kenz Hotel Management

Ria: At RateGain, you continue to explore and improve your revenue management product suite, which gives us the certainty that we will always stay ahead within the industry if we stick with you. I feel that the online hotel reputation management tool and hotel distribution system are the best solutions.

Tarika: Your kind words have given us a huge boost to deliver the very best and to succeed in our business. Thank you once again for your time.

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