Pricing and Revenue management

Our team at RateGain understands the importance of being first to market. Pricing intelligence that does not provide actionable insights is of little use if it does not reach the traveller on time, resulting in a huge opportunity loss. Alternatively, inaccurate pricing that reaches the traveller in time leads to direct revenue loss making it important for revenue managers and pricing teams to strike the right balance.

To help your team stay on course, RateGain has built industry specific forecasting engines with proprietary algorithms that leverage the power of our own data lake coupled with data from weather, social, news and events to give 360 degree control of pricing on every price point while saving effort and time to deliver the forecast, allowing your teams to get to market before your competition every day.

Package Providers

Tailored specifically for package providers, our solution has helped Unlock millions for the largest package provider in the US

Car Rentals

Leveraged by one of the largest car rentals in the world, this solution makes pricing for car rentals breezy

Cruises and Ferries

Insights across segments to track competition as well as weather for delivering the right experience
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