Car Rental Revenue Management System

As competition increases with the rise of app-based car rentals aggregators, dynamic response to market shifts and price optimization for car rentals has never been more critical. A small and medium-sized enterprise today finds it hard to prioritize between day to day operations and building a robust revenue strategy fueling the need for solutions that help cut effort drastically. Adopting a car rental revenue management system fills the gap between operations and strategy by providing you with valuable real-time insights.

Key Features

Dynamic Rate Update
Set Rules to automatically update rates based on market dynamics
Single Click Access
All the information you need for rates, fleets, locations available with a single click
Competitive Position
Compare yourself against the competition to know your exact market position
Track Daily Performance
Analyse each report easily using visual dashboards to track you against all your competitors in real-time.
Ancillary Filters
Easily Filter reports on parameters such as Source, Car type, Brand, LOR, Pick up and Drop off locations
Forward Looking Data
Schedule data extraction up to 365 days in advance

Manage Your Franchise With A Single Click

Use CarGain’s rate update as your single destination for all your car rental management software needs with the capability of managing fleet, rates, rules for updating as well as auto scheduling reports.

Easily Determine Your Market Position

A single dashboard allows Revenue Managers to get all the insights needed to review pricing, map competition and track where they are in the market.

Dynamic Response To Keep You Ahead Always!

Advanced O&D Mapping and scheduled updates will easily place you ahead of your competition while reducing effort and making sure you always have the best offer in the market.

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