During a crisis, communication becomes the key for businesses and individuals to survive. The impact of COVID-19 has been unprecedented, and many businesses don’t know how to keep in touch with customers. Many companies have even gone silent on social media. At the same time, there are some tourism brands are not only leveraging social media to navigate through this pandemic, but also winning hearts.

Why Social Media During COVID-19?

  • Consumer Behavior is Changing Fast: Humans are inherently social. They thrive in social groups. Due to lockdowns and travel restrictions, the craving for staying socially connected has increased. As a result, the usage of social media has increased significantly.
  • Businesses are Changing in their Way of Conduct: The way brands deal with the crisis now will have a direct impact on its business in future. Consumers are looking up to trusted brands, to provide them with safety and security while they deliver value, act responsibly, and do the right thing. Companies that are engaging with their customers and followers now will not only gain mind share, but also be remembered when the markets start to recover.

How to Use Social Media During COVID-19:
Brands that Have Totally Nailed it!

  • Museums are experiencing closures, losses in revenue, and significant reduction in staff. Yet, they are serving the world by providing education, live content, virtual exhibitions and more. The Museum of Modern Art and British Museum are some of those great brands that are using social effectively to engage with their followers and spread social messages.

  • Airlines around the world are facing one of the biggest impacts. COVID-19 has brought the industry to a standstill. Flights are almost empty, global capacity was down 19.4 % in March and is expected to fall close to 60% in April, according to the OAG. However, we are seeing some of the best examples of social media content among them. Here’s a look at how KLM and Emirates are handling social media amazingly.

  • Hotels are already reporting projected revenue losses of greater than 50% for the first half of the year. Individual hotels and major operators are projecting occupancies below 20% for upcoming months. Still, hotels are spreading positivity, shifting their focus and posting about wellness, self-care, outdoors and even at-home tips. For instance, Silverado Resorts & Spa are educating customers about the plants that build immunity. Similarly, The Don Ce Sar have launched #ThinkPink campaign to spread positivity amongst its fan base and customers.

How to Use Social Media During COVID-19: Brands that Have Totally Nailed it!
How to Use Social Media During COVID-19: Brands that Have Totally Nailed it!
How to Use Social Media During COVID-19: Brands that Have Totally Nailed it!

All the brands mentioned above have adjusted their content strategy, tone, and voice. We expect that they will likely come out stronger and faster. They have not gone dark on their customers; rather they humanized their brand and messaging. They are leading by example. Their fans will remember how these brands helped them learn about something new and stay positive during these uncertain times.

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Mercedes Blanco
VP Sales – Americas, BCV, a RateGain company
Certified Digital Marketer from Harvard. IE Business School alumni.

Mercedes Blanco, native from Spain and living in Miami since 2014 – is a Corporate Leader Executive in Travel & Hospitality with a solid record on International Sales and Marketing Strategies. She has over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry meanwhile volunteering at SITE, HSMAI, MPI and teaching at several universities. Currently she is responsible for the Americas growth as Vice-President of Sales at BCV Social, a RateGain company. Her passion and love for travel is seen through her dedication and positive thinking in the workplace.