Economic activity worldwide is picking up – with consumer optimism at an all-time high since the start of the crisis. The recently concluded summer season in the US saw travelers returning to the hotels. Recovery has begun, in pockets, where vaccination programs are in full swing. Recently, the US has confirmed that they are easing restrictions for fully vaccinated travelers globally. The impact of the crisis is undoubtedly, but slowly, subsiding. Hoteliers face a unique set of questions and challenges; after a lull of 18 months, consolidation, selling inventory, and profit optimization are on top of their minds.

The Need for Room – Rate Management API

RateGain is committed to expediting recovery for the industry. In collaboration with, the world’s topmost OTA, we will soon be launching’s Room –Rate management API, a part of Product API that enables management of Room – Rate combinations promoted on from within the channel manager’s UI.

The business case for this API has surfaced a lot, especially post-covid, as hoteliers are looking to drive maximum occupancy. The API will unburden hoteliers from signing into different systems – channel manager followed by extranet – for creating room rates and pushing the same in the OTA for consumers to consume.

Rate Management API

Launching Room-Rate Management Capability from RezGain

By using the Room – Rate Management API, distribution teams can directly and quickly create/retrieve a multitude of room rates types from RezGain UI – without separately signing into the extranet each time. This capability would resolve time and bandwidth concerns for hoteliers who are working under-staffed post-covid.

Rate Management Capability from RezGain

Unlocking New Revenue Opportunities Everyday

RezGain by RateGain is the enterprise channel manager of choice for leading chains globally. and multiple OTAs have recognized it as the preferred channel manager partner. It exhibits best-in-class performance metrics in terms of distributing rates and inventory.

Our latest innovation, Smart Distribution, provided on top of RezGain has helped deliver 15x RoI and expedites contracting to new channels by 80%. It helps discover untapped demand opportunities from new source markets & channels for additional revenue potential.

Connect to your customer success partner today to explore more about Room –Rate Management API.

Unlocking New Revenue Opportunities Everyda

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