Today running a hotel is not limited to offering customers a place to stay. Your visitors expect delightful and differentiated experiences – which you can deliver through carefully curated content for your property.

The modern travelers rely heavily on search. Reports suggest that about 700 million people will likely make online bookings by 2023.

This is where you can leverage content optimization and distribution for hotels to improve your discoverability. From attractive attributes to a wide range of amenities, content plays a crucial role in telling your prospective customers everything about your property and driving more bookings consequently.

Given the multifaceted benefits of content management and distribution for hotels, it’s essential to understand the importance of content and how it can significantly impact your hotel bookings and revenue.

How Important is Content in the Post-Pandemic World?

Before 2020, who could have thought that the world would essentially shut down, forcing everyone to stay at home. It’s no surprise that the hospitality industry faced a staggering impact – no more vacations, no more traveling, not even staycations.A lot has changed since the pandemic. These changes have made it even more significant for hotels to update their content with reliable, relevant, and updated information. The reason is pretty simple.

Picture this: there’s a 30-year-old man, who has only known work and sleep for the last two years. He wakes up 10 minutes before his meeting, logs in, works hard the entire day, churning out as much quality work as he can. For entertainment, all he has is online streaming avenues.

Now that the pandemic is somewhat fading, the wanderlust in him is reignited. He wants a quick getaway, a relaxing weekend at a hotel with a picturesque view. But more importantly, he wants to be in a safe and secure environment.

Whether this business professional goes for a leisure vacation or work trip, the requirement for comfort and safety is likely not to change.

Now, the question that you should reflect upon is – what kind of content will this traveler look for?

Sure, it would be great to promote your hotel room that comes with a picturesque view from the balcony. But, it would be a lot better if you also showcase your hotel’s amenities, attributes along with COVID-19 safety and health protocols.

As it is, the post-pandemic world is likely to see a renewed level of competition in the hospitality space. So to outsmart your competitors, it becomes imperative for you to update your hotel content with relevant attributes, amenities, and services to manage customer expectations.

Are Demand Partners Able to Drive Bookings?

Talking about demand partners, online travel agencies (OTAs) like, Agoda, and Expedia come into mind. These OTAs and other demand partners such as GDSs, wholesalers, and bed banks usually showcase all the relevant content, both descriptive (amenities, attributes, policies and descriptions), and images, of a hotel and provide reliable platforms for driving hotel bookings.

Images are the first thing that any potential customer looks for. Those create the first impression in their minds even before a guest steps in the hotel premises. So, a hotel generally uploads about 50 – 100 high-quality images to various demand partners.

These images consist of both the exterior and interior shots of the hotel, like the lobby, bar, restaurant, hallways, etc., along with the guest room’s images.

As a rule of thumb, try to include images that showcase more than only the bed and the living area. So, images of the rest room, toiletries, storage space, and room décor should be incorporated to ramp up the value proposition of your hotel(s).

Another helpful step would be to tag all the images with relevant metatags, which increase your probability of ranking higher on search results and better categorization of images on demand partners.

Next comes amenity and attribute information.

It’s a crucial part of the listing that gives an overview of all that hotel has to offer. Most customers filter their hotel searches. Hence, it becomes essential to provide updated information about amenities to spring up in filtered searches.

You also have to include hotel policies. Before customers book hotel rooms, they often look for hotel policies. This information majorly includes cancellation, check-in time, restrictions of pets, etc.

Besides, due to COVID-19, OTAs now prefer the COVID-related information. So, hotels can specify their health and safety policies for customers’ safety.

Benefits of Maintaining Content Parity Across Demand Partners

With changing times, the average traveler’s expectations have shifted too. From seeking the basic hotel descriptions to requiring more niche and in-depth content, travelers’ needs have evolved.

Good content will drive higher conversion rates and more satisfying guest experiences. Hence, keeping consistent, complete, and creative content across OTAs serves multiple benefits.

  • Higher Conversions

    When you update your content regularly and accurately, choose all the applicable attributes. It’s more likely that your listing will rank higher. A higher ranking will translate into an improved conversion rate. So, ensure that you update the content regularly. Keep checking whether your hotel is showing up with the filter criteria on demand partners. One missing key attribute can remove the hotel listing and impact your sales.

  • Better Visibility

    A hotel listing with few images or descriptions might fail to connect with customers. You want to attract guests, not make them scroll right past your listing.

  • Build Up Genuine Expectation for Better Reviews

    The most crucial benefit of maintaining content is crafting genuine expectations for your guests. Today if you provide inaccurate information, it will result in massive disappointment for the customer and lead to negative reviews.

Why is an Automation Tool Important?

To deliver delightful guest experiences, prioritizing hotel content management and distribution is understandably important.
Now imagine if there was a platform that could suggest which attributes are the most critical to drive conversions across all demand partners automatically.

How Content-AI Makes Content Management & Distribution Quick and Easy?

Hotel teams are most often grappling with less time, more work, and continuous pressure to deliver delightful guest experiences. In such scenarios, hotel content management and distribution slip ranks in the priority list.

But imagine if you knew which content to exactly prioritize and update. What if the time-consuming task of updating content across all of your channels is done with a single click?

Content-AI helps you with this.

You can input all of your content and upload your photos on our cloud-based software. It will then distribute it to channels with a single click. Also, you can edit the content on Content-AI and push the updates to all of your connected demand channels from a single interface.

So how does Content-AI work to make your hotel content management and distribution easier?

  • Uses AI to prioritize the hotel content that has the most impact on conversions
  • You can edit, improve and distribute images to communicate the best experience to guests
  • Auto-tags images for easy identification and categorization by demand partners for boosting searchability
  • One-click distribution to online demand partners saving time and effort.

Bid adios to the laborious task of manual content updates. Channel all your energy towards building the most incredible living experience at your hotel.

Allow Content-AI to enhance the virtual presence of your hotel content on the desired demand partners, and drive more conversions.

Content-AI work to make your hotel content management and distribution easier