According to Kirby Payne, President of HVS Hotel Management, the primary role of F&B in a hotel is to increase a hotel’s room revenues.

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To this effect, if a hotel can increase their aggregate user ratings by one point (e.g. 3.3 to 4.3), they could increase their price by 11.2% before impacting occupancy.

New age travellers consider a hotel stay as a series of experiences. In addition to service, sleep quality and cleanliness, a very important part of the entire experience is F&B. They don’t think of the restaurant in your hotel as a separate entity. Their ratings and reviews will reflect the level of satisfaction from all parameters including F&B.

The economists write: “Differences in customer flows between two restaurants with a difference of half a rating point can therefore be attributed to the ratings themselves rather than differences in the quality of food or service.”

Therefore, according to Kirby Payne, “even in circumstances where your restaurant operations do not generate profits, they should still be considered to be an important asset which contribute to the overall guest experience. That in turn impacts your hotel’s reputation, which consequently impacts what you can charge for your hotel’s rooms.” 

The Challenge

The success of any operation depends on effective monitoring of metrics. If you truly want your restaurant to succeed you need valuable feedback in the form of meaningful metrics, which you can use to improve your F&B operations. The information that you need to measure those metrics is already out there in various review forums. You need to gather better insights about what people think about your restaurants.

However, given your limited resources, how do you make sense of all the information out there to arrive at meaningful conclusions that can help you take concrete action?

The Solution

Introducing – BrandGain restaurant module. This new module provides key insights into the performance of your restaurants vis-a-vis their competitors. You can now have access to valuable insights which you can use to make improvements to your F&B operations.

The new restaurant module is extremely intuitive and simple to use. Therefore, you don’t need a dedicated resource to take care of this for you. Your restaurant manager can work together with your hotel manager to gain valuable insights about how your F&B operations can deliver higher standards.

To know more about BrandGain Restaurant Module, Watch a video here