Dubai is at the vanguard of futuristic luxury. From its gleaming skyscrapers and iconic architecture to its world-class shopping and entertainment, it has long been a beacon of hospitality. The booming global hub attracts visitors from all over the world, for its sights, activities and incredible events. Whether it is Race Week at the Dubai Autodrome, the annual Dubai Shopping Festival, or a night at the Dubai Opera, there’s so much to explore and enjoy. But with high footfalls come high expectations and even higher pressures to surpass the guests’ as well as business’ demands.

Currently, Dubai’s hotel industry has a promising forecast, and is proving to be a destination that’s forever in peak. Revenue is expected to grow at an annual rate (CAGR 2022-2027) of 4.28%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$0.46 bn by 2027. Which is why Dubai’s hotels can no longer rely on simply delivering what guests expect. Rather, they must go beyond the ordinary with a one-of-a-kind experience that’s tailored to their guests’ unique idea of a luxe getaway, and truly elevate guest experience.

But how do you do that without further burdening hotel staff and hotel budgets? That’s where technology comes in. Providing the ultimate service and experience by leveraging cutting-edge technology is the way to ensure the utmost satisfaction of guests, with an experience that surpasses the 5-star standards.

Never Keep A Guest Waiting

At the forefront of the hotel industry, is guest experience. And AI-driven chatbots are set to revolutionise the way hotels interact with guests. Chatbots are a form of AI-enabled technology that allow guests to interact with a hotel’s services via natural language processing. This technology can help hotels provide more personalised services, such as virtual concierge services and more efficient response times, for any and every issue that may arise.

Chatbots can provide an engaging, interactive and real-time experience for guests, allowing them to quickly and easily get the information they need. Think of all that time saved not having to wait at the reception, figuring out which number to dial for a particular service or being delayed for a flight at check-out, that can instead be spent exploring the city outside or travelling worry-free. Those are the little details that really take the guest experience to the next level and encourage revisits.

Stand Out From The Competition

Artificial Intelligence can revolutionise a hotel’s internal operations with data processing. You can have access to abundant data sources and quickly identify key insights in real-time that can be leveraged to drive growth in an over-crowded sector. Given that hoteliers can lose up to 10% of annual revenue by not responding to market fluctuations on time, with AI technology, managers are equipped to make informed, dynamic decisions that will help them stay ahead of the competition.

Track And Plan For The Demand

Dubai is a destination that never has to worry about demand. But that doesn’t mean its hotels don’t have to. With a year-round influx of visitors for the destination’s infinite offerings, the need of the hour is for hotels to turn to AI solutions for demand forecasting that can predict dips and surges based on live data learnings across the many sectors of the travel industry, from flights to occupancy to car rentals. Equipped with this knowledge, hotels can curate and implement insightful strategies towards their advantage.

Technology can be used to create an incredibly seamless workflow and immensely powerful analytics, allowing hotels to track trends, measure success and make strategic decisions with the power of data. When combined with the right personnel and processes, hoteliers in Dubai will be able to provide an even better guest experience, while saving time and money.

So while Dubai is already a world-class travel destination, hotels and businesses have the potential to further enhance the experience and go beyond the usual. With a combination of luxury services and top of the line technology, each passing year will bring nothing but growth and new experiences for guests to Dubai.

The hotel industry is increasingly employing conversational AI and robotic automation technologies, but there’s still a huge ground to cover. It has huge potential but is underpenetrated.

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