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Happy Guests

Seamless resolution of 92% of guests’ queries in real time, results in guest happiness, higher satisfaction, drives loyalty, increases online reputation and 28% increase in repeat business.

Higher Revenue per guest

We use AI to identify guest requirements based on the stay information shared with us and the technology crafts a personalized journey for every guest. Arriving early, or staying for the weekend? We know what might be of interest to you. We use conversational marketing to play the perfect matchmaker and as a result, drive 16% more revenue per guest.

Higher ROI

With all the routine conversations out of the way and an increase in revenue from ancillaries, hotels get an average of 880% ROI on their investment. Cost-efficient operations, more revenue, and happy guests Win-Win!

This is how Engage AI
creates irresistible
guest journey!

Seamless integrations with different PMSs and chat platforms


Peak Experience For The Peak Season

As digital hospitality is slowly trickling into the world with AI-powered tools, hotels have the opportunity to re-look their internal systems and upgrade them for a smoother peak season.

Guest Dissatisfaction: De-mystified

Since the start of the first hotel in the early biblical times, guest dissatisfaction has been a concern hoteliers have been carrying.

Beyond Just Emojis: Leveraging WhatsApp To Improve Guest Experience

Know the 4 ways WhatsApp enhances guest experiences for hotels and find out how far reaching the act of using this simple tool can be.


What is the Next BIG Thing for Hospitality
Learn how Hospitality Industry is Using Conversational AI to Engage and WOW their customers. Schedule a Call with our experts


Online Check-In/Check-out
Guest Engagement
Smart Upselling


Q. What is Engage AI?
A. Engage AI reconnects hotels directly with their guests via their favourite messaging app for all their interactions in the most personalized way.

Q. What are the key features of Engage AI?
A. Some of the key features of Engage AI include upselling, AI driven guest responses, online Check-In/Check-out, real time guest sentiment analysis, dedicated guest-portal, different stages of guest-journey from pre-arrival to post check-out etc.

Q. Why do I need a conversational bot?
A. Since the pandemic, we are observing that Guests are now more digital than ever before. The average screen time has increased by 30% and consumers are willing to try new brands, impacting loyalty.

Q. How many messaging apps are supported by Engage AI?
A. Engage AI is supported by most of the messaging apps like WhatsApp,Facebook messenger, WeChat etc.

Q. How many text messages can Engage AI send?
A. There is no limit to the messages.

Q. How long does it take to implement Engage AI?
A. It is usually implemented within three weeks but can be implemented much faster depending on the readiness of the data.

Q. How Engage AI increase the guest engagement?
A. Engage AI increase the guest engagement up to 400%.

Q. How much revenue does it generate by upselling?
A. Engage AI gives up to 5 times extra revenue generated per guest.

Q. How much time does Engage AI save?
A. Engage AI saves up to 20 minutes per guest which means up to hundreds of hours on total number of guests.

Q. How does Engage AI helps in upselling?
A. Engage AI promotes, in-house facilities, Food & Beverages and other hotel ancillaries.

Q. Can Engage AI converse in the native language?
A. Yes, Engage AI is capable to reply in the native language and it supports 115+ languages.

Q. Can hotel set special prices for events/ancillary?
A. The prices can be easily managed by the hotel in Engage AI according to its convenience.

Q. Can hotel use their own branding in Engage AI?
A. Yes, Hotels can use their own branding in Engage AI.

Q. Can hotel have access to Analytics? How can we monitor usability?
A. Smart Analytics dashboard allows hotel to monitor guest satisfaction on real time basis.

Q. Messages will come from which type of number?
A. Messages will come from branded accounts but hotel can also opt for generic numbers.

Q. Messages send by Engage AI will be in proactive or reactive in nature?
A. Engage AI can send both proactive and reactive messages as per the hotel requirement.

Q. Does Engage AI respond to every query?
A. Engage AI supports AI driven replies, quick links and templates. A hotel can also set standard replies and alerts ensuring all guest chats are timely acknowledged.

Q. Is Engage AI GDPR Compliant?
A. Engage AI follows GDPR compliance and all relevant data privacy laws.

Q. What is the cost of Engage AI?
A. Cost of Engage AI is calculated on the basis of inventory of the hotel. Engage AI charges flat rate with unlimited messages rather than cost per messages. It comes with two pricing model based on the type of subscription plan i.e. Basic or Advanced.

Q. What is the difference between Basic and Advance subscription plans?
A. Basic Plan has WhatsApp Integration, AI Assistant, Omni Channel Setup, one way PMS Integration etc. Whereas cost of Advance plan is slightly higher than basic plan as it covers all the features of basic plan as well as two way integration, smart upselling, dedicated account manager etc.

Q. What will be the tenure of the subscription?
A. Subscription is on annual basis.

Q. How much is the setup fee?
A. The price for setup depends on the type of hotel. There is a nominal one-time fee.

Q. What is the cost for integrations?
A. Cost depends on the type of Integration and will be between hotel and PMS provider.

Q. Which Integrations are supported by Engage AI?
A. Engage AI supports multiple integrations with PMS, CRS, Booking Engines, Payment Gateway. Engage AI supports both one way and two way integration with selected PMS also.

Q. What does One Way Integration mean?
A. One-way integration means sending the necessary data from hotel PMS to Engage AI – i.e. reservation number, arrival / departure date-time, contact details, name, nationality, amount to be paid, room number and more. We do not make any changes in the PMS, we only receive the information.

Q. What does Two Way Integration mean?
A. Two-way integration means sending data from hotel PMS to Engage AI and sending data from Engage AI to hotel PMS following are the 2-way functionalities we are supporting at the moment:
Online check-in:

  • Change the reservation status to “pre-checked-in”
  • Attach files to the reservation or a guest (e.g., signed check-in form, a passport scan)
  • Edit guest profile information (e.g., add email, country). Hotels have full control over what type of files are attached and which guest fields are updated.


  • Post the payments to the folio after the payment/deposit has been processed
  • Request invoice/ folio to get the data about the purchased items and the Due Amoun

Q. Does a Hotel need integration to use Engage AI?
A. Integration on PMS is not absolutely necessary, but it provides complete automation of the systems and is more than recommended. If you do not want to integrate your PMS system on Engage AI, it is possible to use manual data imports.

Q. Where can I get list of integrations supported?
A. Our integrations are available here. If you do not find your current or preferred system, do not hesitate to contact us. We are constantly connecting new systems.

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Director Sales & Marketing
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