What is Engage-AI? | How is Engage-AI built? | What is Engage-AI used for? | What are the benefits of using Engage-AI? | How soon can it start working for me?

Travel experience business is high touch as no two travelers are the same. Travelers often have multiple questions pertaining to their hotel stay. These questions are intended to help them understand how to optimize their stay experience. Plans are made based on information that is known to them. Often the guest thinks of a new question and approaches the front desk or a guest services dedicated line to get answers to these questions. Since a hotel houses several guests, these volumes of interactions become a bottleneck as they are handed by a human on the other side. This results in suboptimal stay experiences and also investment to increase their guest services team.
This is where a Livechat/ ChatBOT/ Virtual assistant / Conversational AI comes in. Let’s call them all ‘Virtual assistant(s)’ for the sake of simplicity. It uses an automated mechanism to understand questions and respond in real time based on its knowledge about the property.

What is Engage-AI?

Engage-AI is RateGain’s virtual assistant that leverages commonly used B2C communication channels like WhatsApp and FB messenger to help hotel guests interact with the hotel to seek guidance and information regarding their stay and visit. Engage-AI is totally free for the guest and helps them in getting access to real time information.

How is Engage-AI built?

Engage-AI is built in three steps. We start with the objective which is to understand a guest’s requirements in an accurate manner and provide the right guidance based on that requirement. This can be reactive (guest queries) or proactive (guest upsells). Once the objective is defined, we build the algorithm that can cater to the specific objective. Finally, we aim to get the right data to be able to deliver on this expectation.

What is Engage-AI used for?

Engage-AI is a virtual assistant that is use by the:

Guest: To get all their queries answered on a real time basis with ease of use. We have kept it simple. It does not entail you having to download specific apps or chat tools. Engage-AI integrates with your daily use messaging app and can be used to interact with hotel agents to seek information on hotel facilities. No longer do you have to wait in line or listen to music while you are ‘On Hold’. Woke up late? And want to find out the time when breakfast is served, send a quick text and get a reply in less than a second. This is just an example. Engage-AI answers several such questions without any wait.

Hotel: Engage-AI is used by the hotel to share promotions and other products and services that the hotel has to offer. The offers are sent on your messaging app, they are personalized, non-invasive. Engage-AI is mindful and does not take a cookie cutter approach and these messages have a higher conversion rate without sounding too salesy.

What are the benefits of using Engage-AI?

Engage-AI is used to accomplish three specific objectives.

1. Guest Satisfaction: How many times have you tried to ask a question but been put on hold or have had to wait at the reception behind a long queue. The main reason for this friction in interaction is a model of One communicating with many in a sequential manner. This is also frustrating as the agent ends up answering similar questions which makes their job repetitive and boring. When Conversational AI takes over, our research shows that 92% of guest queries can get answered in real time with a high degree of accuracy.

2. Maximize Revenue: Personalization helps in pitching the right offers to the right guest at the right time for the right price and with Engage-AI, the chances of conversion increases manifold.

3. Cost Efficiency: Hotels invest in variable manual costs to service guests during peak periods. In the absence of predictable traffic, service can take a beating. Its always hard to optimize staffing for occupancy. Sometimes the hotel agents can get multiple queries with 60% inhouse occupancy and on the other hand, even 90% plus occupancy nights can be quiet. Engage-AI is an ideal choice to help you save on cost as well as increase guest satisfaction.

What are the challenges of automating conversations and how Engage-AI helps?

The challenge in building conversational AI technology starts with the ability to recognize the intent of the text. Automated conversations end of sounding very cookie cutter and may be a turnoff if done out of context.

Engage-AI is a RateGain product specifically dedicated to the travel industry. Engage-AI is backed by deep domain expertise in this space.

How soon can it start working for me?

The system can be up and running within a week. The system can be used independent of any other technology platforms. However, for best performance, we recommend a 2 way PMS integration.

RateGain and Engage-AI

Engage-AI is powered by RateGain, the industry’s foremost AI led travel technology provider. We are one of the largest aggregators of travel data across the world as per PhocusWright. RateGain’s advanced text analysis can structure all the unstructured data. In any use case that AI is solving, the model is only as effective as the quantity of data and with RateGain the models have gained a high degree of accuracy due to the volume and variety of data that we store, process and analyze.