Welcome to the digital era, where big hotel chains face the exhilarating challenge of crafting a distribution strategy that caters to the needs of modern consumers. However, an effective distribution strategy can skyrocket profitability for big hotels.

However, before we talk about the strategies for success, let us dive into the obstacles these chains encounter.

  1. The Digital Marketplace: Where the Battle Begins

    As the world becomes increasingly digital, big hotel chains find themselves amid fierce competition. With online booking platforms like Expedia, Booking.com, and Airbnb at the forefront, consumers have easy access to an array of accommodation options.

    These platforms offer enticing benefits, such as seamless comparison shopping, customer reviews, and loyalty programs, which are tough for hotels to replicate on their own websites.

  2. Navigating the Web of Partnerships

    Managing relationships with a complex network of distribution partners poses yet another challenge for hotel chains. From travel agencies to wholesalers and online booking platforms, hotels must skillfully navigate a web of partnerships to ensure effective marketing and sales of their inventory.

  3. The Profitability Puzzle: Balancing Direct & Third-Party Sales

    Ensuring that all distribution channels work harmoniously to maximize revenue and profitability is crucial. However, with multiple partners involved, tracking inventory and pricing across all channels becomes a daunting task. This can lead to lost revenue and decreased profitability. Finding the perfect balance between direct sales and third-party sales is key to identifying which partners bring the most value to your hotel.

To overcome these challenges, big hotel chains must develop a comprehensive distribution strategy that harnesses the latest technology and partnerships to maximize revenue and profitability. Here’s my four-point recommended framework.

  1. Embrace the Power of Central Reservation Systems

    Investing in central reservation systems and distribution solutions that effectively manage inventory and pricing across all channels is a game-changer. These systems streamline operations, empowering big hotel chains to efficiently manage reservations, availability, and rates.

    The result? Increased revenue, cost savings, and the ability to leverage valuable data insights, all from a single extranet.

  2. Forge Strong Partnerships

    Establishing strong partnerships with key distribution players is another crucial solution. By developing direct relationships between hotels, wholesalers, and online booking platforms, chains can ensure their inventory is effectively marketed and sold.

  3. Embrace the Digital Transformation for Seamless Booking Experience

    Leveraging the latest technology is paramount in creating a personalized booking experience that modern consumers crave. Invest in mobile apps, chatbots, loyalty programs, and other digital tools to offer a frictionless booking process. By seamlessly integrating these innovations, hotels can delight their guests and stay ahead of the competition.

  4. Adapt, Innovate, and Thrive

    In this digital era, big hotel chains must adapt to the changing landscape and embrace innovative solutions to stay competitive. By addressing challenges head-on and implementing the suggested solutions, hotels can optimize their distribution strategies and unlock a prosperous future in the ever-evolving hospitality industry.

Now it’s your turn! What strategies would you implement to maximize revenue for big hotel chains in the digital age?

About the Author

Marc Esparza, who is the Account Manager at RateGain

Marc Esparza
Account Manager