This is a guest blog by our valued partner – GuestCentric.

Did you know increasing your customer satisfaction and decreasing your cancellation ratio is not that tough as it may sound so?

We all know that guest satisfaction and word-of-mouth are the keys to increase sales and drive success. We also know that many guests book a room in a hotel with refundable option but a big percentage of them still go shopping around. And at the end, they cancel it and as always, you know that your cancellation ratio is huge.

Guest’s satisfaction starts long before their arrival to your hotel.

In order to avoid this situation, your hotel should invest in creating a relationship with your guests before their arrival. You need to check how is your hotel is positioned across those sites, and how those sites communicate with your potential guests is critical to capturing the initial booking and begin their relationship with them.

The importance of chat messenger tools as a way for your hotel to communicate and create an identity with guests

We believe that the chat messenger tools are one of the biggest trends of this year, and are the key for creating a good relationship with your guests. These tools allow your hotel to connect with your guests before their arrival, and will also add a personal and human experience to their online presence.

As a way to create this relationship with guests, chat messenger tools will be great to help your hotel connect with your guests in several ways:

1. Meet your guests

By communicating with them, you will be able to understand more about their interests and give a first good impression. Meet your guests before they arrive at your hotel. The prolific use of mobile devices and  social media channels have made connecting with your guests fast and instantaneous. As in their personal lives, guests increasingly want a quick feedback, whenever and wherever.

2. Connect and be available

Simple yet incredibly powerful, the fact is that chat tools will allow your hotel to connect and keep a more personal experience with your guests, giving them quick replies to their questions.

3. Engage and make sure you are being useful to them

With these innovative chats tools, you can engage in a simpler but more personal conversation with guests from the time of the reservation to their arrival at your hotel.

Chat Messenger tools can make a real difference in your hotel’s customer satisfaction, conversion and customer retention. Remember, it’s all about relationships and rising emotions. Instead of treating your clients simply as guests, strongly connect and engage with them.

As the father of modern marketing, Philip Kotler, says: “The best advertising is done by satisfied Customers”.