The holiday season is just around the corner, and travelers are gearing up for unforgettable experiences in Europe. As we approach December 2023, it’s essential to peek into the crystal ball of travel trends for this Christmas season in Europe.

Europe: Where the Holiday Magic Begins

Growth in Hotel Bookings in Europe by reason to travel

The Christmas Travel Fever

Hold onto your Santa hats because hotel bookings in Europe are lighting up like a Christmas tree. We’re talking about a whopping 16% year-on-year increase compared to 2022 for Christmas travel. It seems like folks are eager to get their festive spirit on in the heart of Europe.

Let us now dive deeper into the Europe Christmas travel trends for this year.

Changing Faces of Travel: Business & Non-family Leisure Travel is Back

Now, while family leisure travel might be taking a bit of a breather compared to last year, here’s where it gets exciting. Non-family leisure travel and business trips are back with a vengeance. Business travel is up by 12% year-on-year, while non-family leisure travel is soaring at a jaw-dropping 23%. Family leisure bookings? Well, they’re down by a humble 9%, but hey, it’s all about balance.

Jet-Set Origins: Where is the Demand Coming From?

Want to know where all these eager travelers are coming from? Lisbon, London, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, Paris, and New York are the top cities sending their wanderlust-filled souls to Europe. It’s a melting pot of origins!

Dream Destinations: Where is the Demand Heading?

Once they hit Europe, where do they go? Lisbon, London, Paris, Madrid, Porto, and Barcelona are the hottest destinations on everyone’s radar. These cities are like the popular kids at the holiday party.

Top European Cities Driving the Demand

  1. London: A Longer Stay Awaits

    London: Share of Bookings by LOS
    • Staying Power: London is going all out this Christmas season with a surprising twist — 52% of bookings are for trips lasting more than 10 days. It seems like visitors want more than just a glimpse of Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.
    • Plan Ahead: Travelers are getting their act together because the advance booking window for flights to London has grown from 53 days in 2019 to 62 days in 2023. It’s the early birds catching the London Eye!
    • Luxury Craving: If you’ve got a taste for luxury, you’re not alone. A staggering 63% of hotel bookings in London are for rooms with an average daily rate (ADR) that’s more than a grand ($1000). It seems like London is the place to splurge this season.
  2. Berlin: Direct Bookings on the Rise

    Rise in Direct Hotel Bookings in Berlin
    • Hello Direct Bookings: Berlin is stepping up its game with a surge in direct hotel bookings this Christmas season. It’s like travelers are saying, “Cut out the middleman; we want a direct line to our holiday dreams.”
    • Short and Sweet: Berlin’s holiday-goers are keeping it concise. Around 51% of bookings are direct with hotels, and 51% of folks are planning trips of up to 4 days. It’s all about packing in the fun, quick and easy.
  3. Paris: The Global Magnet

    • International Allure: Paris, the City of Light, continues to be a global magnet. Top origin countries sending love to Paris include the U.S., Singapore, and Italy. Meanwhile, the top source cities are Milan, Singapore, and Sydney. It’s a worldwide affair!
    • Length of Stay: In Paris, travelers aren’t just breezing through; they’re settling in. Approximately 63% of bookings are for trips lasting 7 days or more. Parisian cafes, here they come!
    • ADR Insights: Paris is a city of choices. There’s a surge in bookings for hotel rooms with an ADR ranging from $500 to $1000. It’s like travelers are finding that sweet spot between indulgence and practicality.
  4. Barcelona: A Surprising Twist

    Rise in Metasearch Bookings in Barcelona
    • Direct Dominance: Barcelona is shaking things up with a rise in direct bookings with hotels and airlines. It’s like travelers want a personal touch this holiday season, booking straight from the source.
    • Metasearch Mania: Hold on to your sangria because here’s the surprise. While direct bookings are on the rise, metasearch bookings are skyrocketing in Barcelona. It’s a bit of a head-scratcher because it goes against the grain of what’s happening in other popular travel spots this holiday season.

Europe is lighting up for this Christmas season with a surge in hotel bookings. While some places are seeing a shift in traveler preferences, others are welcoming longer stays and a love for luxury. Paris and London are the international darlings, Berlin is all about efficiency, and Barcelona is throwing in a metasearch twist.

This holiday season in Europe promises to be exciting and diverse, offering something for every type of traveler. And hotels & travel sellers can unlock new revenue by staying on top of the above Europe Christmas travel trends.

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