One of the common pain points with regard to pricing platform is the lack of flexibility in configuration and data collection speed. Customers often ask us for ways to reduce the friction involved in aggregating data points from multiple sources into a single window. Finding rate shopping data that is accurate and intuitive is often a challenge with most solutions out there, and we aim to make a difference.

To bring in this change, we’ve enhanced the AirGain platform with a number of developments that deliver intelligence that helps revenue and pricing teams in making quick pricing decisions. In this upgraded, simplified and flexible interface, you can benefit from these latest developments:

  1. Effortless price comparison across channels, thus enhancing flexibility
  2. Customizable Colour Codes for competition Airlines for improved usability
  3. Increased efficiency of Reporting with Data Collection Timestamps

Compare Prices Just the Way You Compare Products on Ecommerce Websites

We all have used price comparison websites in the last few years and as a user, we always want to see the difference in the quickest time possible.

Previously on AirGain, users could track fare history using the Fare Trends tab.

While this offered revenue managers an overview of the OND, departure date, type of journey and fare, comparison of multiple data points from the graph was challenging.

The enhanced AirGain platform solves this issue by bringing in a comparison framework similar to the comparison modules found on eCommerce platforms.

The AirGain platform allows the user to add up to three itineraries in the compare functionality, which can then be viewed in a separate window. This enhances the user experience by allowing the viewer to easily and effortlessly compare between different price points, RBD, FBC, stopovers & seat availability.

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Now Save Time in Identifying Data for the Right Airline with Color Codes

Most rate shoppers compare flight data for dozens of flights or more. In such cases, they tend to use a graphical interpretation, which consists of several graphical lines that show the price points of different airlines. This can often get messy and confusing, thus reducing the usability of the graphical chart feature, with most rate shoppers shifting to manual text reports.

To clearly distinguish between airlines across devices or user roles, the AirGain platform allows the Super Admin to set color codes based on airlines or channels, with an upper limit of 55 colors. This allows users to utilize the graphical view to its maximum potential.

By choosing a color code that the analyst or viewer recognizes, the amount of time required to analyze the report is drastically reduced, thus making it easy for revenue managers to quickly complete job to be done.

As only the super admin can choose the color code globally across the platform, the earlier drawback of each user being displayed a different set of colors for the same airline resulting in confusion during analysis is now mitigated.

To change the airline color codes, the Super Admin simply has to visit the Account Setting page and choose the Airline Color code tab. Edit access of this functionality to all users on the platform has been disabled on purpose to avoid accidental changes to the airline color scheme, which could cause a lot of confusion and incorrect reports.

Building Transparency in Data Collection

Earlier, while clicking on data points for the search results for fare trends, users faced difficulty in identifying when the data was collected.

We are delighted to Introduce a feature in our reports that clearly display when the data was collected gives the customer transparency into how fresh the data is. This also eliminates the task of looking for data from other sources, as the data collection timestamp would help them identify the latest point of data acquisition. Additionally, with information on how long each report execution takes, the revenue managers can set up the report accordingly for when they want they want these reports generated.

Having access to data collection timestamps increases customer confidence during analysis as accurate data is readily available.

Enhancements to the Platform – Upscaling user-experience

In the volatile ecosystem, revenue and pricing teams need quick insights to excel in highly competitive market; an intuitive platform is the need of an hour to provide more power to revenue and pricing teams in making profitable pricing decisions.

  1. Excel reports are more popular for analysis than a graphical representation, as users feel that the functionality is restricted in a graphical setup. We’re changing this by making our user interface more accessible and attractive through color coded charts.
  2. Improving flexibility of the platform by allowing you to compare between price points intuitively
  3. Reporting is simplified without having to look elsewhere as the data collection timestamp now gives accurate and reliable info on when the data was collected.

By introducing these feature enhancements, we’re sure that AirGain would be able to address user challenges, thus becoming the preferred choice for the faster growing airlines in post-covid world.

About the Author

Vikram Syal
Vice President – Product Management

In his current role, Vikram Syal leads the Engineering team at RateGain and drives the vision, strategy, and implementation of the integrated systems collaborating with sales, marketing, and other groups to support the ongoing process and customer deliveries.

With an experience of 12+ years in various technological disciplines, he is a core product enthusiast, highly inquisitive, and detail-oriented innovative personnel.