In March 2024, Microsoft Advertising unveiled a series of updates poised to transform digital marketing landscapes, including the much-anticipated global rollout of Performance Max campaigns. For hoteliers, these enhancements offer a treasure trove of opportunities to amplify their online presence and connect with potential guests more effectively than ever before.

From leveraging advanced AI capabilities to embracing the power of visual storytelling through image extensions, this blog explores how the latest Microsoft Advertising features can revolutionize hotel marketing strategies, ensuring your property stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Performance Max Now Available in All Markets

Big news for hotel marketers: Microsoft Advertising’s Performance Max (PMAX) campaigns are now accessible worldwide.

Microsoft Advertising’s Performance Max campaign type


PMAX employs cutting-edge AI to streamline campaign management, from asset creation to audience targeting, promising more conversions with minimal effort. For hotels, this means effortlessly reaching potential guests across multiple channels, ensuring your advertising goals are met efficiently.

Manage Image Extensions within Microsoft Advertising Editor

Enhancing your ads with compelling images just got easier.

Manage Image Extensions within Microsoft Advertising Editor


The Microsoft Advertising Editor now supports bulk management of image extensions, allowing hoteliers to quickly update and manage visually appealing assets. They can create new image extensions, edit existing ones, and manage associations in bulk with just a few clicks. This feature is a boon for showcasing your hotel’s amenities, rooms, and unique offerings at scale, making your ads more engaging and effective.

Increased Brand Awareness with Display Ads in 32 Markets

Display ads have expanded to 32 markets, offering hoteliers a broader platform to capture audience engagement. These visually rich ads can appear across popular sites like MSN, Microsoft Start, and Outlook, providing an excellent opportunity to boost your hotel’s brand awareness globally.

Engaging Ads Through Connected TV and Netflix Inventory

The introduction of Connected TV (CTV) ads, including Netflix inventory, opens a new avenue for hotels to engage with audiences. Imagine highlighting your hotel’s experience to viewers immersed in their favorite Netflix series or films. This update allows for impactful brand storytelling, reaching deeply engaged audiences in key markets.

Group Products from Multiple Feeds with Feed Label for Shopping Campaigns

Feed Labels in Microsoft Ads


Coming soon, feed labels will simplify cross-border advertising for hotels with retail offerings. This feature enables grouping products from multiple feeds, such as merchandise or dining experiences, under a common attribute for more efficient campaign management. It’s a strategic tool for hotels looking to maximize their retail visibility across different markets.

Understanding Feed Labels in Shopping Campaigns

Feed labels and shopping settings in Microsoft ads


Feed labels allow advertisers to group products from multiple feeds based on common attributes, such as language, product category, or brand. This feature simplifies campaign management and enables targeted advertising strategies across different product lines. While primarily designed for retail products, the concept of feed labels holds untapped potential for the hotel industry.

Creative Applications for Hotels

Hotels offer a plethora of experiences and services beyond room bookings, from gourmet dining and spa treatments to exclusive events and branded merchandise. Here’s how feed labels can be creatively applied:

  • Dining Experiences: Hotels can promote special dining packages or reservations for their on-site restaurants, categorizing them under a “Dining” feed label for easier management and targeted advertising.
  • Spa Services: Feed labels can help hotels highlight their spa offerings, grouping different treatments or seasonal specials to attract guests looking for relaxation and pampering.
  • Merchandise: For hotels selling branded products, feed labels offer a streamlined way to manage and advertise these items, from luxury linens to spa products.
  • Event Tickets: Hotels hosting concerts, shows, or other events can use feed labels to promote ticket sales, reaching potential guests interested in unique entertainment options.

Visibility and Impact

The primary concern with applying shopping campaigns to hotel services is where these ads will be visible and how effective they can be. Traditionally, shopping ads appear in search engine results and across partner networks, including social media platforms and websites within the advertising network.

  • Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs): Shopping ads for hotel services can capture the attention of users actively searching for travel experiences, dining options, or events in a specific location.
  • Partner Networks: Expanding the reach of these ads to partner sites and networks increases the visibility of hotel offerings to a broader audience, potentially driving interest and bookings.
  • Social Media Platforms: While not a traditional channel for shopping ads, the potential for these ads to appear on social media can engage users in the inspiration phase of their travel planning.

Addressing Concerns

  • Adaptation and Creativity: The success of using feed labels for hotels lies in creatively adapting the presentation of services as “products” in a shopping feed, ensuring they are compelling and accurately represented.
  • Compliance and Guidelines: Hotels must navigate the policies and guidelines of shopping campaigns, focusing on transparency and accuracy in their ad creatives.
  • Tracking and Optimization: Implementing tracking mechanisms to measure the effectiveness of these campaigns is crucial for understanding their impact and optimizing for better results.

Why Hoteliers Should Care

Microsoft Advertising’s March 2024 updates are a game-changer for the hotel industry. These enhancements not only streamline the advertising process but also open up new possibilities for reaching and engaging potential guests. Whether it’s through AI-driven campaign optimization, visually stunning ads, or strategic product grouping, hoteliers now have more tools at their disposal to drive bookings and elevate their brand.

Leveraging Microsoft Advertising for Your Hotel

  1. Embrace AI with Performance Max: Utilize PMAX for efficient, cross-channel advertising to reach potential guests wherever they are.
  2. Showcase Your Hotel with Image Extensions: Use the bulk management feature to keep your visual assets fresh and appealing.
  3. Expand Your Reach with Display Ads: Take advantage of the expanded market availability to boost your hotel’s global presence.
  4. Tell Your Story on Connected TV: Engage potential guests in a unique way by advertising on CTV and Netflix.
  5. Optimize Retail Campaigns with Feed Labels: Efficiently manage and promote your hotel’s retail offerings to international audiences.

As we dive into the summer travel season of 2024, Microsoft Advertising’s latest updates offer hoteliers unprecedented opportunities to enhance their digital marketing strategies. By adopting these new features, hotels can not only improve their advertising efficiency but also create more meaningful connections with their audience. Embrace these changes to ensure your hotel stands out in a competitive digital landscape.

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