Attention, hotel marketers! Google is rolling out a new Sensitive Events policy for its AdMob and AdSense Program Policies this February. Let’s unpack what this means and why it’s crucial for your hotel’s digital strategy.

Understanding AdSense & AdMob

  • AdMob: AdMob is a mobile advertising platform designed specifically for app developers. It’s a part of Google’s vast advertising ecosystem. With AdMob, app developers can monetize their mobile apps by displaying in-app ads from Google’s advertising network. AdMob offers a range of ad formats, including banner, interstitial, and video ads, and provides robust analytics to track ad performance. It’s a popular choice for app developers looking to generate revenue from their free-to-download apps.
  • AdSense: Google AdSense is a program that allows website owners and bloggers to earn money by displaying Google ads on their websites. These ads are typically text, image, or video-based and are targeted to the site content and audience. AdSense works by matching ads to your site based on your content and visitors. The ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products. Since these advertisers pay different prices for different ads, the amount you earn will vary. AdSense offers a simple and effective way for website owners to monetize their online content without the need to deal directly with advertisers.

For hoteliers, understanding and potentially utilizing AdMob and AdSense can open up new revenue streams. Whether it’s through a hotel’s app or blog, these platforms offer opportunities for additional income while providing relevant and engaging content to guests and visitors.

Understanding the Sensitive Events Policy

A “Sensitive Event” refers to unforeseen situations posing significant risks, such as:

  • Civil emergencies
  • Natural disasters
  • Public health emergencies
  • Terrorism and related activities
  • Conflict
  • Mass acts of violence

Google aims to maintain high-quality, relevant, and accurate information while reducing inappropriate content in key monetized features.

The Risk of Non-Compliance

Non-compliance with these updated policies could lead to severe consequences, including disabling ad serving on your site and potentially deactivating your AdSense account. Initially, Google may remove violative content at a page level, but site-level actions are possible for pervasive violations.

Banned Content During Sensitive Events

Google has outlined a non-exhaustive list of prohibited material during Sensitive Events, such as:

  1. Exploitative products or services
  2. Price gouging or artificially inflating prices
  3. Using keywords related to a sensitive event to drive traffic
  4. Victim blaming or claims that diminish the severity of these events

What’s Changing?

Google will actively prevent the monetization of content related to sensitive events. This means advertisers won’t be able to run ads that may exploit these situations. However, this policy won’t impact news reporting on these events.

Why Should Hoteliers Care

As hotel marketers, staying compliant with Google’s policies is essential for maintaining a robust online presence. Here’s why this update matters:

  • Brand Reputation: Ensuring your hotel’s ads and content align with these policies protects your brand’s reputation.
  • Avoiding Penalties: Non-compliance could lead to significant disruptions in your digital marketing efforts.
  • Ethical Marketing: This policy encourages ethical marketing practices, aligning your hotel with consumer expectations for responsible advertising.

How Can Hoteliers Make the Most of It

  • Review Your Content: Audit your hotel’s digital content and ads to ensure they comply with the new policy.
  • Focus on Ethical Marketing: Emphasize ethical marketing strategies that resonate with your audience’s values.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with Google’s policy changes to adapt your marketing strategies accordingly.

Google’s new Sensitive Events policy in AdMob and AdSense is a crucial update for hotel marketers. By understanding and complying with these changes, you can ensure your hotel’s digital marketing remains effective, ethical, and aligned with the latest industry standards. Let’s embrace responsible advertising and continue to thrive in the digital landscape!

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