Solving the hospitality distribution content puzzle has been one of the most vexing challenges facing our industry for years.

Among the key issues is the fact that room information is contained in the Central Reservation System (CRS) and the Content Management System (CMS) with different text in system-speak and varying abbreviations, frequently lacking room and hotel details.

Looking for a hotel room with “polacc?” Or maybe you want to make sure it includes “lxbthtl” and “satchan?”

Those are the abbreviations your system might need to know if you are looking for pool access, luxury bath towels and satellite channels. And they are just a few of the hundreds, sometimes thousands, of often baffling terms hotels currently use to describe their properties through online booking systems.

DHISCO’s Content Augmentation program tackles the problem head-on.

With Content Augmentation, DHISCO captures hotel company responses to real-time shopping transactions, extracts the crucial details such as room IDs and descriptive information, then curates this into easy-to-read descriptive content.

It’s been no small task. Every hotel company has its own room codes. And there are a lot of them. With Content Augmentation, we do the heavy lifting, mining the room shopping data of hotel companies to find both their common and unique abbreviations, then transforming that industry jargon into content that everyone can read.

For hotels, Content Augmentation reduces or eliminates the need for content manipulation. Demand partners, in turn, get more inventory with more unique room types and more room variations.

We’re excited to be the first hospitality distribution company to offer this service to our partners around the globe. After all, solving the content conundrum lies at the very heart of our mission to connect the world.

Anne Cole
VP Content