Cynthia Lim — the Group Revenue Manager at The Ascott Group — expresses her satisfaction about working with RateGain, emphasizing the valuable solutions and insights the company provides.

RateGain assists The Ascott Group with demand analysis, rate shopping, and distribution, giving them a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape. Through this collaboration, The Ascott Group gains the ability to identify competitors and evaluate their strategies effectively.

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It’s been great working and talking to RateGain, understanding the solutions that RateGain can provide — I think, from the demand part of it to the rate shopping and the distribution side of it. So it has given us very good insights into the market, what is available, and also how we can actually view our competitors.

Meet the Customer

Cynthia Lim who is the Group Revenue Manager for The Ascott Group

Cynthia Lim
Group Revenue Manager
The Ascott Limited