In the fast-paced world of hospitality, efficiency and seamless operations are key to success. Kingston Hotel Group, a prominent player in the industry, has embraced innovation to stay ahead of the curve. One of their notable initiatives involves the adoption of RateGain’s Channel Manager system, which has brought about a significant transformation in their operations.

From the moment they integrated RateGain’s Channel Manager, Kingston Hotel Group experienced tangible benefits. The system not only helped them streamline their processes but also resulted in cost savings by reducing the need for manpower. This shift towards automation has enabled the hotel to allocate resources more effectively, focusing on enhancing the guest experience rather than being bogged down by manual tasks.

One of the most remarkable aspects of RateGain’s Channel Manager is its ability to ensure seamless distribution of rates and room types. This means that guests can easily access accurate information about room availability and pricing across various platforms. Such efficiency not only enhances the guest booking experience but also maximizes revenue potential for the hotel.

In this video, Rami Nuek, General Manager at Solitaire Bangkok, a part of the Kingston Hotels Group, expressed how RateGain’s Channel Manager has made their lives significantly easier. They emphasized the contrast between the era before the advent of channel managers and the present, highlighting the transformative impact of technology on hotel operations.

The partnership between Kingston Hotel Group and RateGain underscores the importance of leveraging technology to stay competitive in the hospitality industry. By embracing innovative solutions like the Channel Manager, hotels can streamline operations, improve efficiency, and ultimately elevate the guest experience.

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So, we have been using RateGain’s Channel Manager System since the very start, and that has allowed us:

  • Firstly, to save a little bit on the Manpower, and
  • Secondly, to have us ensured sort of seamless distribution of rates and room types.

It has made our life definitely uh a lot easier easier. I was around long before sort of using systems. Long before Channel managers came around. And this has definitely made life a lot easier.

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Rami Nuek GM of Kingston Hotels Group Bangkok

Rami Nuej
General Manager
Kington Hotels Group

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