Dallas, 28th February 2024: RateGain Travel Technologies Limited (RateGain), a global provider of SaaS solutions for travel and hospitality, today announced a global partnership with FLYR, an AI-powered travel technology provider. The partnership brings together RateGain’s channel management and distribution solutions with FLYR’s AI-powered Revenue Optimization System (RMS) to help hotels improve their revenue.

This partnership will provide hotels on Flyr with a holistic, integrated system they need without having to log on to multiple or disparate platforms thereby increasing operational efficiency and reducing operational costs, while providing accurate and rich insights.

Commercial teams will be able to easily access real-time market data, shop at competitors’ member rates and multiple points of sale including mobile apps and brand.com, and monitor rate parity – all within the Revenue Management Systems platform itself.

The collaboration extends further with the integration of RateGain’s Navigator, a rate insights platform. Navigator enriches the user experience with features such as cluster views, identification of high-demand dates, and machine learning capabilities to address data sufficiency issues. Empowering hoteliers with actionable insights derived from comprehensive parameters including demand trends, competitive rates, and rate parity, Navigator meets the evolving needs of the industry.

“In today’s market, hotels need holistic solutions that offer comprehensive forecasting, pricing, and distribution management tools,” said Peter Strebel, President of Americas, RateGain. “FLYR’s deep expertise in artificial intelligence, automation, and commercial optimization tools makes it the perfect fit to accelerate our capabilities. The main advantage for hotels is the synergy that will lead to better data, improved functions, and faster access to the newest features of rate shopping. This partnership will undoubtedly unlock new profitable opportunities for hoteliers to achieve higher ROI.”

“Working with industry leaders like RateGain is integral to our strategic growth ambitions as FLYR continues to push the boundaries of innovation and foster deeper partner collaborations to deliver even greater value to our clients,” said Jens Munch, CEO of FLYR Hospitality. “By combining our strengths, we’re confident that together, our cloud-based solutions will deliver highly successful outcomes for hotels looking to maximize revenue.”

The partnership solution between FLYR and RateGain is now available to all existing and new customers. Hoteliers stand to gain from the combined advantages of these systems, which promise a more streamlined revenue management process, heightened efficiency, and enhanced performance. This partnership underscores the shared dedication of both companies to providing solutions that propel success within the hospitality sector.

About FLYR

FLYR is a technology company that is purpose-built for the travel industry. Leveraging deep learning, an advanced form of AI, FLYR is helping airlines, cargo, and hospitality businesses around the globe elevate their results. With FLYR, businesses are able to improve revenue performance and modernize the e-commerce experience through accurate forecasting, automation, and analytics. Learn more at flyr.com.

About RateGain

RateGain Travel Technologies Limited is a global provider of SaaS solutions for travel and hospitality that works with 3,200+ customers and 700+ partners in 100+ countries helping them accelerate revenue generation through acquisition, retention, and wallet share expansion.

RateGain today is one of the world’s largest processors of electronic transactions, price points, and travel intent data helping revenue management, distribution and marketing teams across hotels, airlines, meta-search companies, package providers, car rentals, travel management companies, cruises and ferries drive better outcomes for their business. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in India, today RateGain works with 26 of the Top 30 Hotel Chains, 25 of the Top 30 Online Travel Agents, 4 of the Top 5 Airlines, and all the top car rentals, including 16 Global Fortune 500 companies in unlocking new revenue every day. For more information, please visit www.rategain.com.

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