30th November 2021: Hotel Tech Report, the leading platform for hoteliers every where to research, discover and buy new products, today announced that , RateGain Travel Technologies Limited (RateGain), a provider of SaaS solutions for travel and hospitality, has earned Hotel Tech Report’s level III Global Customer Support Certification (GCSC) for its continued investments into tools, improvement in customer processes and strategies to ensure the ongoing success of its customers. Hotel Tech Report’s certification process includes verifying systems put in place by hotel technology providers across four key pillars of the GSCS Rubric including: pre-emptive support, reactive support, coaching and customer validation.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, hoteliers are now more than ever looking at adopting digital solutions that can help them deliver a perfect guest experience as well as optimize their processes to improve profitability. To evaluate products and processes, most hoteliers require an independent authority to provide them the right metrics to compare and that is where Hotel Tech Report fills a critical gap for the industry.

The certification helps buyers clearly understand how these solutions can help in their daily lives by not only providing dependable software but also robust processes to ensure they have a seamless experience in delivering value to their guests.

The Hotel Tech Report GCSC certification program is the gold standard to analyze software vendors along critical dimensions of customer support infrastructure in order to help hoteliers minimize risk and maximize positive outcomes when selecting technology partners. In order to become certified, companies must open their internal systems to Hotel Tech Report for assessment along HTR’s rigorous 34-point GCSC Rubric.

RateGain’s assessment on this Rubric has certified them as a ‘Customer-Centric’ product company with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 on its most reviewed product, which is the highest rating as of October 30,2021 in its category.

Commenting on the certification, Hotel Tech Report co-founder Adam Hollander, said, “Being Customer-obsessed is a core value at RateGain and this reflects in the processes they have built to support their customers. Right from adding easy-to-learn videos in their products to detailed in-product tours to help customers at each step in getting the maximum value from day one. As RateGain’s systems provide time-sensitive information critical for decision-making the entire user experience is centered around getting the right information at the right time any-time of the day.RateGain is also proactive in building transparency by giving control to its customers in monitoring system performance as well as utilizing its proprietary data to provide an additional layer of insights that help its customer make better decisions.”

Acknowledging RateGain’s focus on customer-centric processes, Bhanu Chopra, Chairman and Managing Director, RateGain, added “Hotel Tech Report’s Global Support Certification is playing a critical role in educating hoteliers on the right way to evaluate products and processes and our team at RateGain is delighted to have achieved this certification. The core promise of RateGain is to help our clients find new revenue, and that can only happen if we obsess about the challenges our customer faces and proactively try to solve them every day. Through investments over a period of time, we are striving to provide our customers more control over their data to make better decisions. ”

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RateGain is a global provider of SaaS solutions for the hospitality and travel industry, offering travel and hospitality solutions that unlock new revenue every day. We are one of the largest aggregators of data points in the world for the hospitality and travel industry (Source: Phocuswright Report). For more information visit www.rategain.com

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