Ahmed ElTabbakh, Market Team Manager at Booking.com in Egypt, discusses the company’s long-term investment in the Egyptian market and establishing partnerships. While Egypt has been known for tour operators and resorts, the focus on online presence was limited until recent changes in flights and the accessibility for low-cost carriers, which resulted in a significant increase in Booking.com’s presence and partners’ interest.

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Well, for Egypt, I would say that Booking.com has been long investing in this market. We have been establishing connections and partnerships with partners across Egypt. It’s been known for Egypt to be a tour operator destination, especially for resorts like Rixos Sharm El Sheikh. So, the online presence was not that much of a focus for partners recently. With the changes happening in the flights and having it as an open option for any little lost-cost carriers to arrive, it caused a massive increase in our presence and partners’ interest in being on Booking.com with better visibility and competitiveness.

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Ahmed ElTabbakh who is the market manager at Booking.com

Ahmed ElTabbakh
Market Team Manager