Mohamed Adel, Deputy GM & Head of E-commerce at the National Bank of Egypt, highlights the challenges and opportunities in Egypt’s tourism sector.

The challenges and opportunities in Egypt’s tourism sector, as identified by Mohamed Adel are listed below:

  1. Acceptance of foreign currency and accessibility for customers are key challenges.
  2. Customers often face difficulties in paying and reaching tourism-related platforms, hotels, and sectors.
  3. Facility and relevant payment options are crucial to encourage customer engagement and ease of payment.
  4. A partnership has been established with Sita Egypt and RateGain to provide diverse tourism payment solutions.
  5. These solutions aim to accommodate various customer types, accept different currencies, and simplify transactions for banks, hotels, and tourism sector affiliates.

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I think one of the main challenges, and I think we can rename it as an opportunity for us and for the tourism sector as well, is the acceptance of foreign currency and the reachability of our customers. I think most of the customers always think how to pay and how to reach the platform, to the hotel, or to the sector that you need to engage with or pay through. One of the challenges is the facility and the relative payment option that will be relevant to the customer to pay through. This is one of the key encouragement points that led to our partnership with Sita Egypt and RateGain in providing different tourism payment solutions that can adapt to different types of customers and accepting different currencies, and to facilitate the life of different banks, different hotels, and the tourist sector affiliates.

Meet the Speaker

Mohamed Adel who is the Deputy GM & Head of E-commerce at National Bank of Egypt

Mohamed Adel
Deputy General Manager, Head of E-commerce Department
National Bank of Egypt