Komang Artana, General Manager at Cross Bali Breakers Hotels & Resorts, discusses how travelers, particularly millennials and Gen Z, have become increasingly smart and knowledgeable about their products, even without physically visiting their properties. He mentions the rise of virtual and augmented reality as tools for customers to explore and engage with their offerings. Artana emphasizes the importance of being genuine in adapting to these changes and recognizing that customers often have better insights into the market. He highlights the significance of online review management as a platform for customers to thoroughly study their business, leading to potential growth and success.

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Travelers are now very smart. The millennials and also the Gen Z are actually very, very smart nowadays. They know our product even if they are not coming to our property. There is a spiritual… uh, spiritual… there is a virtual… uh, and also augmented… uh, reality. They are actually finding from there. So, the trend, if we need to be genuine in these new changes, if we are genuine to provide, to display our product, those markets actually know better than us. That is why they come to online review management, where actually then those customers are really, really studying us. Then, from there, the business is just there.

Meet the Speaker

Komang Artana who is the GM of Cross Bali Breakers

Komang Artana
General Manager
Cross Bali Breakers