Henry Teng — Strategic Director, Alpome — talks about how technology plays a vital role in the hospitality industry, particularly in terms of customer engagement and improving business operations.

Hotels rely on technology to engage with customers, whether through traditional or digital means. With numerous touchpoints to consider, such as shopping, review management, channel distribution, loyalty programs, booking engines, and websites, hotels often face the challenge of selecting the right technologies to adopt.

He mentions that to overcome this, a unified solution that integrates multiple technologies is crucial. And it is possible only by embracing an integration concept and partnering with technology providers that bring value to their business chain, hotels can leverage technology as an enabler, leading to enhanced productivity and profitability.

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Well, I think technology would always be a major factor in any business, in particular hospitality space.

Why is it so? Because, for example, how do you engage the customer? You need technology to engage, whether being from a traditional standpoint or into a digital space. But at every touch point, technology would be able to help hotels or business owners engage in the market better, and improve the productivity as well as the profitability of the businesses.

So what kind of technology? Hotels sometimes are lost in the world because they do not know which technology to embrace because there are so many solutions. We are not talking about a single point of technology; rather talking about multiple points of technology. Whether it’s like shopping review management, channel distribution, loyalty program, booking engine, website — all you need is somebody to be able to provide them a unified solution. I call it the integration concept. And bringing this concept to the hotel to say, “Look, you need to work with partners that can help you bring value to your business chain.” And that would help them. So technology is an enabler for them, and we believe that if they are able to understand this enabled concept, obviously technology will be a very important focus in the decision making.

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Henry Teng who is the Strategic Director of Alpome

Henry Teng
Strategic Director