Fransiska Handoko, the Chairperson at Bali Hotels Association, discusses the recent recognition of Bali as the second most popular destination in the world according to the Trip Advisor Travel Choice Award. This achievement presents a significant opportunity for Bali to promote itself. Fransiska highlights the focus on sustainability in hotel operations and the intention to improve services and facilities. Additionally, she mentions the potential for increased market presence from countries such as Australia, India, South Korea, and America, as these markets are expected to recover rapidly and support Bali’s tourism sector.

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Bali has been chosen as number two in Trip Advisor Travel Choice Award as the number two most popular destination in the world, so that’s, uh, that’s a big, big chance for us to, you know, promote Bali. Second, one opportunity is like, um, the way now Hotel operates. It’s because of what we experience. We are going towards more sustainability in terms of our services, our facilities, and then also the opportunity to get more market coming to Bali like Australia, India, South Korea, America. So, those markets are considering the fastest market to come back or bounce back to support Bali.

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Fransiska Handoko who is the Chairperson of Bali Hotels Association

Fransiska Handoko
Bali Hotels Association