Ahmed ElTabbakh, Market Team Manager at Booking.com in Egypt, discusses the significant changes in traveler behavior due to the pandemic. Travelers are now planning vacations well in advance and seeking stay places to work remotely. Staying agile and adapting to these behavior shifts is crucial.

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Honestly, the traveler behavior has significantly changed, and I think the last two or three years of the pandemic have made a great change in the behavior. So, people are looking more into details; they’re planning their vacations long ahead. We’ve noticed a lot of travelers looking for stay places just to enjoy working from home, which is something that we’ve never seen before. I think we’re staying very much agile and just looking at every change in this travel behavior, so I would just keep on the top of these changes.

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Ahmed ElTabbakh who is the market manager at Booking.com

Ahmed ElTabbakh
Market Team Manager