For last 6 months, RateGain’s Product Management & Engineering teams have been working tirelessly to bring a new simplified visual design in all aspects of our Online Reputation & Guest Feedback Platform. Today, we are happy to share the visual refresh that would allow hotels accomplish more and transform Online Reputation and Guest Experience:

1. Comprehensive Social Media Analytics

  • Get a comprehensive analysis of your hotel’s overall social health on various social media platforms
  • Analyze and monitor your reviews on social media specific KPIs like a number of tweets, likes, shares, and followers, etc.
  • Benchmark and Compare your social health with your comp set

2. Goal Setting and Monitoring

  • Track progress of goals assigned to staff members
  • Active updates on the goal assigned
  • Achieve Operational success by easily creating, assigning, and monitoring staff goals

3. Food and Beverage Module

  • Monitor restaurant performance on all review channel site
  • Compare yourself with comp set on overall reviews
  • Get actionable insights on specific improvement areas like food quality, ambiance, and service quality, etc.

4. Guest feedback Survey

  • Take control of guest pulse with the guest feedback survey.
  • Monitor your Hotel’s Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Publish survey responses on Google reviews page to enhance search engine visibility.

5. Pulse Report

  • Get daily, weekly, and monthly pulse report to keep a tap on your reputation
  • Each report type shares score of different KPIs depending on the user profile (General Manager/CEO/Revenue Manager/Front Desk)