Attention, hotel marketers! Big news from Google Ads – starting January 2024, they’re putting a stop to responding to multicall requests within hybrid setups. This move is part of Google’s shift from waterfall to real-time bidding auctions for publisher apps. Let’s break down what this means and why it matters to you.

The End of Multicall Requests in Hybrid Setups

Multicall requests, where multiple ad calls are made in a single auction, are getting the boot in hybrid setups. This change follows Google’s October 2023 decision to stop buying ads for multicall requests in waterfalls without a bidding ad unit. The goal? To streamline the transition to real-time bidding.

Why Hotel Marketers Should Pay Attention

  1. Compliance is Key

    If you’re using publisher apps for advertising, it’s crucial to align with Google’s updated rules. Non-compliance could lead to Google Ads suspending purchases on your app, ranging from a week to a month.

  2. Avoiding Multicall Detection Evasion

    Tactics like ad unit misrepresentation to hide multicall requests won’t fly anymore. Google’s cracking down on these practices, so it’s essential to keep your ad strategies transparent and above board.

  3. Understanding Mediation

    Mediation is all about managing ad sources efficiently. In Google Ads, there’s bidding (real-time auction) and waterfall (sequential ad calls). Knowing the difference and how each impacts your ad strategy is vital.

  4. Navigating Hybrid Setups

    If you’re using a mix of bidding and waterfall ad sources in your mediation groups, it’s time to revisit your strategy. The upcoming changes mean adapting to a more streamlined, real-time bidding approach.

  5. Maximizing Ad Source Efficiency

    An ad source is where your ads are served. With these changes, ensuring your ad sources are set up correctly and effectively in your AdMob account becomes even more important.

The Bottom Line for Hoteliers

As we move into 2024, adapting to Google Ads’ new approach is crucial for maintaining a strong digital advertising presence. This means staying compliant, understanding the nuances of mediation, and optimizing your ad sources for maximum efficiency.

Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to handle it by yourself!

Embracing Change with New-age Tools

In light of these changes, hoteliers should consider end-to-end paid digital solutions. RateGain’s Demand Booster is designed to help you navigate the complexities of digital advertising, ensuring your hotel stays visible and competitive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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