Powered by Demand-AI’s Airline Travelers’ Forecast, RateGain’s latest PULSE Report highlights India’s festive season travel outlook.

Read further to learn how the future of travel looks in New Delhi & Mumbai in the upcoming festive season.

1. International Inbound Passenger Traffic (Next 90 Days) – Up, Up & Up

With Diwali celebrated on a grand scale in Northern India, the National Capital is expected to witness a surge in travelers from multiple regions of the world.

The upward trend doesn’t stop in October but continues in November as well when the flight rates go cheaper compared to the pre-Diwali rush around mid-October.

The surge in November’s Airport traffic can also be attributed to Indians coming back home after spending extended Diwali holidays in other countries and cities.

2. Domestic Inbound – Booming like Pre-Covid times. Even better.

Right after Diwali, people expect a lull period. But the Indian Wedding season will be here to keep the party (and travel & hotel bookings) going.

In addition, Delhi hosts India International Trade Fair in November, which is a big drawer of travelers not just domestic but from across the globe.

3. MoM Growth Rate in Arrivals – New Delhi

4. How is India doing compared to Previous Years?

With High vaccination rates in the country and restrictions relaxed, major airports in the country are expected to see arrivals even higher than the pre-covid times.

New Delhi (17% Rise in Arrivals (International + Domestic) compared with the same period in 2019.

Mumbai (5% Rise in Arrivals (International + Domestic) compared with the same period in 2019.

5. Busiest Days for Airports (in the next 90 Days)

6. Outbound – Where are the Indians Traveling?

In October & November , a surge is seen in Indian travelers to Australia, Bali & Singapore. The biggest drawer of travel to APAC region will be the 2022 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. Originally, the tournament was to be held in 2020 but got postponed due to the pandemic.

These numbers also include Layovers and Stopovers to other destinations.

About Demand-AI ATF

Airline Travelers’ Forecast is part of RateGain’s Demand-AI, a solution that was launched last year to help the industry tackle the problem of unreliable historical data to forecast demand using real-time intent data gathered from searches, events, and forward-looking data such as hotel and airline bookings.

With Airline Travelers’ Forecast, hotel & travel marketing teams can optimize their campaigns and take corrective actions based on an accurate understanding of the actual number of travelers, the source market mix, and the demand from these markets over the next 90 days. In addition, marketers are also be able to see a detailed view of the scheduled flights and charters driving this demand, day-wise break down to understand high impact/travel dates, and compare airfare and hotel ADRs with historical data.

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