Fast adaptation of mobile technologies, has made it easier both for hotel and travel companies and consumers to share and access information easily on the move. Smart hoteliers are no longer chained to their desks and cubicle; instead, they are active on social media and review sites. Consequently, online reputation management (ORM) has become a 24/7 job that demands real-time responsiveness. In the same fashion the ability to access guest feedback, while on the go, is becoming vital. In fact, ORM is a combination of Social Media, Localization and Mobile App i.e. SoLoMo is a very important recipe for a successful Online Reputation Management Plan.

This explains the reason why vendors are promoting the mobile ORM application as part of a hotel’s overall plan. Hotels are also increasingly adopting Hotel Online Reputation Management App as they have come to know about the significant benefits it can bring to their hotel’s reputation and revenue.

Below in this blog, we are sharing a few ways mobile applications or mobile optimized tools can assist your online reputation management efforts:

Real time response to guest reviews

With mobile enabled ORM tool, your team will be able to monitor online review and social media feedback in real-time and respond immediately to the feedback that requires immediate attention. ORM is all about managing issues before the matter gets worse.

More visibility across all departments

Mobile based online reputation management uplifts the visibility of guest feedback across all members of the hotel staff. This enables all departments to work on their areas of improvements by assigning specific goals to them. This way all department collaboratively contribute to enhancing the online reputation of their hotel.

Make day-to-day operations more efficient and flexible

A mobile solution offers your staff members a chance to respond to a guest concern no matter where they are or what they are dealing with. This flexibility allows your hotel operational teams to remain responsive yet still engaged on the floor without causing significant delays or disruptions.

Ask for Feedback from Your Guests to Enhance your Reviews and Rankings

When you pay attention to the experiences your guests have at your hotel, this will eventually lead to higher revenues. Create a survey that asks for feedback from your guests after they spend some time at your hotel. Read the feedback that you receive carefully, as this feedback can directly influence your overall profits.

When guests are unhappy, they are more likely to go on social media channels to share their negative experience. If you get a complaint from a guest, take the time to do some investigation. While you may learn that the guest complaint is not valid, you may also learn that you have a problem with one of your employees that need to be addressed. For those that leave positive feedback, you can ask that they leave a review online to help boost business.

Guest surveys and loyalty programs are easy to share when you have a list of subscribers to send marketing materials. Use text messaging to gather valuable feedback, or offer deals to your guests. Keep high-end rooms full by offering upgrades at a discount, and let guests know about any special events going on each day at your hotel.

When you are looking for strategies to increase your hotel revenue, your hotel’s customer service and how you connect with guests should be your priorities. Mobile and text messaging is the easiest and most effective way to connect. Hotels are increasingly using mobile and text messaging for activities like –

Offer Guests an Upgrade Through a Text Message

When you have higher end rooms in your hotel that are empty, this results in an overall revenue loss. To fill these rooms with paying guests, you can offer an upgrade to guests already staying at your hotel. 90% of text messages are read within three minutes, so your guests will find out about the upgrade opportunity right away.

You will need to be careful, as you do not want to send out a discounted rate for an upgraded room to guests already paying full price for the better room. Look at the guests staying at your hotel, and only send out the text message for a discounted upgrade to those who are staying in one of your standard rooms. Guests will feel that you are paying attention to their needs, and many are likely to go for the upgrade if the discount is good enough.

Promote Services Going on Within Your Hotel Through Text Messaging

Once guests sign up to receive text messages from you, it is important to use this form of communication wisely. Take the time to send thoughtful, deal worthy messages to your guests and do not bombard them with useless messages. If you have a spa at your hotel, a quick text to notify your guests about spa deals or openings can help boost sales at your spa. If you have an onsite restaurant and it is a slow night, send out a text for a free appetizer for the next couple of hours to fill up your restaurant.

When you communicate effectively with guests regarding services that are available on site, you have a better chance of guests utilizing these services.

Hotels that are non-hesitant to adopt technology solutions for Online Reputation Management and are effectively utilizing their social media platforms for communicating and understanding their consumers better are reaping the benefits of managing their online reputation by witnessing an increase in their direct bookings and thus revenue.

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