Over the last few months, you probably noticed we’ve announced what is just the beginning of an exciting lineup of new international partners.

While we always are pleased to add new customers, we are especially proud of these partnerships because they underscore the aggressive efforts we are making here at DHISCO to expand our global reach – and that of our customers.

I was in Brazil earlier this month for the World Travel Market Latin America event. This week we head to Phocuswright India. Then it’s off to Arabian Travel Market in Dubai.

It’s a lot of hectic travel, but these trips are crucial to helping us better understand how different marketplaces work and how we can best help current suppliers expand their reach, while also bringing new suppliers and buyers into the marketplace.

When I first started traveling in my current role for DHISCO, I was a bit surprised to learn that many distributors in some of the world’s emerging markets still are manually loading rates and information from their hotel partners. With our simple, one-to-many DHISCO Switch connection, we can help them dramatically improve their service with seamless shopping and access to real-time rates and availability information.

We also are seeing innovation in new places. In the Middle East, for instance, there are more startups and existing regional companies entering the global travel marketplace, many of which are coming to DHISCO for our advanced technologies that aid not only travel agents, but also hotel companies looking for an easy way to provide their most up-to-date pricing and availability to companies around the globe.

For many years, the online marketplace for hotels has been centered on the United States and Europe. But the world is getting smaller and smaller, and it is exciting to learn how many markets and opportunities remain untapped for connecting new suppliers and distributors. Our goal is to change that by helping both longstanding brick-and-mortar businesses that are just coming online as well as more-advanced technology companies developing inventive, new travel platforms.

After all, everyone in the DHISCO network benefits when we expand our reach.

Like I said, we are eager to learn about new opportunities and challenges around the globe in pursuit of DHISCO’s vision to connect the world.  So if you plan to attend Phocuswright India or Arabian Travel Market, please track us down and say hello.

– Noreen Henry, Chief Revenue Officer