Singapore, the bustling jewel of Asia, continues to captivate international travelers. Whether you’re a hotelier or an online travel agency (OTA), staying in the loop about the latest year-end travel trends is crucial for catering to your guests’ needs. Let’s dive into the year-end travel trends in Singapore, analyzing the hotel bookings in the nation.

Note: The following summary of year-end travel trends in Singapore is based on analyzing the travel-intent data provided by Adara — a RateGain Company, and captures:

  • Travel Dates: October 1 – December 31, 2023
  • Booking Dates: June 1 – September 13, 2023

Top Origins: Where the World Meets Singapore

  • Lead the Way: Australia, U.S., and India

    Share of Bookings Top Origin Countries to Singapore

    Australia, the U.S., and India stand out as the top origin countries for travelers to Singapore, accounting for a significant 26%, 13%, and 12% of bookings, respectively. The U.K., Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, and Philippines are the other important origin countries.

  • Cities Driving the Demand to the Lion City

    Sydney, Hong Kong, and Jakarta are the frontrunners among origin cities, followed closely by Brisbane, Bangkok, Adelaide, London, Seoul, Melbourne, and New York. These cities serve as the departure gates to Singapore’s allure.

ADR Preferences: Room for Luxury

  • ADR Matters

    Share of Hotel Bookings in Singapore By ADR

    Travelers to Singapore are willing to invest in their stay. A substantial 51% of all bookings are for rooms with an average daily rate (ADR) exceeding $300, highlighting a preference for premium accommodations.

  • Regional Variations

    Country-wise Share of Hotel Bookings in Singapore By ADR

    Travelers from the U.S. and Hong Kong tend to opt for rooms with an even higher ADR, surpassing $400. In contrast, travelers from Malaysia and the Philippines are more budget-conscious, with a preference for rooms below $100 in ADR.

Travel Purpose: Leisure Takes the Spotlight

Share of Hotel Bookings By Reasons for Travel in Singapore

Singapore beckons with leisure in its heart. A whopping 58% of bookings are for leisure travel, with 51% for non-family adventures and 7% for family getaways. Business travelers make up the remaining 42%.

Length of Stay: A Diverse Picture

Country-wise Share of Hotel Bookings in Singapore By LOS
  • Visitors from India, Australia, and the U.K. tend to linger longer in Singapore

    Impressively, 45% of bookings from India are for trips lasting more than 4 days, while 21% of bookings from the U.K. extend beyond 6 days.

  • On the flip side, travelers from Malaysia and Indonesia opt for shorter stays

    Approximately 66% of bookings from Malaysia and 61% from Indonesia are for trips lasting less than 3 days.

As the year-end draws near, Singapore’s travel trends indicate a strong preference for leisure among international travelers. Luxury accommodations with higher ADRs are in demand, and stay durations vary by origin.

Hotels and OTAs, take note of these trends to better serve your guests and ensure a memorable experience in this vibrant and diverse city-state. Singapore awaits with its cultural richness, natural beauty, shopping havens, and endless entertainment.

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