Boris Sertic — Head of Revenue & CRO at the Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts — talks about the decade-long partnership between Banyan Tree and RateGain. He talks about the user-friendly and simplifying RateGain solutions that has led Banyan Tree to see RateGain as a great partner that they hope to continue working with.

Emphasizing the importance of their relationship, Boris mentions how the team at the Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts considers RateGain as a friend in the industry. He highlights that the success of RateGain lies in simplifying their solutions, making them easy to use for the Banyan Tree Group. He believes that the more simplified and user-friendly RateGain’s solutions become, the more they will be utilized by the company.

According to Boris, the partnership between Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts and RateGain has been a great journey so far, and they hope to continue this successful partnership.

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This goes back again to the point of having a friend in the industry — and that’s what RateGain actually is to us; it’s a friend — and having a relationship where we can honestly discuss and interpret each other’s needs.

So where has RateGain helped me? I will talk about me because I’ve been a customer for over a decade. And it’s been at a point where it made it more user-friendly, and I think this is where RateGain has achieved the biggest success in terms of my recommendation.

When I talk about the company and, you know, putting it forward to my colleagues and friends, it’s making it easy for us to use. It’s all about usability. So I know that, you know, solutions are powerful, strong. But it’s down to simplifying it. And I still will keep on, you know, asking more simplification for me and for our company. The better and the more usage we’re going to get. I’ll go back to what I just said – a friend. That’s the only word I can really think of. It’s because it has been a great journey so far, and I hope to continue this great partnership.

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Boris Sertic - CRO & Group Head of Revenue at Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts

Boris Sertic
SAVP / Group Head of Revenue & CRO
Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts