Aditi Sud — Chief Marketing & Digital Officer at Jaz Hotel Group — talks about how RateGain has been helping the Jaz Hotel Group with its services and solutions.

She highlights that the Jaz Hotel Group values companies that can help them understand customer behavior and provide actionable insights. The group also appreciates SaaS companies for their innovation, understanding of specific sectors, and ability to integrate with existing systems.

Aditi currently sees silos within the organization, and wants a cohesive solution that integrates functions, data points, and consumer insights. And thus, she emphasizes the importance of an integrated product ecosystem and a comprehensive view of their business, similar to an omni-channel view in marketing.

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We work with new age partners. We work with people we would like to work with, considering the complexity of our business. Because we have different businesses, we have a lot of variable factors into it. That means number one, our audiences are global.

We cater to global audiences where the nuances of customer behavior, say of an audience from Eastern Europe or Western Europe, is going to be different from the UK. It is going to be different from a customer from Russia. It’s going to be different from customers for GCC. If you need to understand the customer nuances across different geographies, across different languages, then across even different verticals of business where they’re consuming different products, I think it becomes so much important that we have companies who are able to help us understand and anticipate their needs much beforehand and give us the data insights so that we’re able to develop and formulate our strategies based on some actionable insights that come out of it.

I think I’ve always been a fan of SaaS companies because I think the innovation, the, the nimbleness, the understanding that you bring on board of a certain sector is key, right? Because there are a lot of solutions that are available, API solutions exist everywhere, but I think it’s also to understand the nuances of a specific sector and industry that does and that’s where companies like you are really helping brands like us to, like I said this earlier too, to help us co-create products where we are able to integrate what you offer into our existing systems and build it as a layer on top of it.

And another important thing that you are doing is, since you understand this whole ecosystem, you’re able to integrate everything. One of the challenges of the industry has been that we love working in silos, okay? I don’t want to mince the word, it is that brand and communications had been working in silo to what digital marketing does, digital marketing works in silos to what revenue management does, then revenue management completely works in silos to what sales want. I’m not saying this is unified, lines are blurring, companies do understand it all forms is a part of one organization, but still, you will feel those silos being there.

Companies like you today are able, I’m really hoping, are able to offer a solution where we are able to tie up every function, right, and work as one cohesive unit rather than everyone working on their own analysis of customer own data points and then throwing out own strategies. I think that’s where when a SaaS company like yours is able to help me give a product which is integrated across functions, across data points, across consumers, that’s where your product becomes extremely strong.

I’ve been using, I mean, I’ve been associated with using multiple products for years. I think the true strength is going to lie in how you’re going to integrate this whole product ecosystem and provide one kind of a comprehensive view. In marketing, we say an omni-channel view, right? I would say an omni-business view to us. And I think that is something which is going to be a real value add that, as a SaaS company, you can provide to the industry while you already have a lot of existing products

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Chief Marketing and Digital Officer at Jaz HotelsAditi Sud
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