Bryan Bailey — Global Head of Strategy, Distribution, & Revenue Management at Minor Hotels — emphasizes the valuable partnership with RateGain, praising their responsiveness and strong relationship. He values the ease with which RateGain helps Minor Hotels overcome challenges and identify new opportunities.

For Bryan and his team, the personal connections and knowing who to reach out to at RateGain play a crucial role in resolving pain points and fostering development. This collaborative partnership has been ongoing for several years, demonstrating the enduring trust and satisfaction between Minor Hotels and RateGain.

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I think the first thing I’d like to say about RateGain is that we are appreciative of the responsiveness and the real feeling of partnership that we have with RateGain. And we have had that for some years now. In some ways the products are almost second or secondary because of the importance of maintaining a strong relationship, and knowing exactly who you can talk to at any time in order to solve a pain point or to develop a new opportunity — that’s what we find by working with RateGain.

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Bryan Bailey — VP of Revenue & Distribution at Minor HotelsBryan Bailey
Global Head of Strategy, Distribution, & Revenue Management
Minor Hotels