Galal Farag, the Corporate Manager of Revenue Management & Distribution at Safir Hotels & Resorts, highlights the paradigm shift that occurred in the hotel industry since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He mentions that the era of static rates is over, emphasizing the importance of timely decision-making for revenue and reservations teams. To stay competitive, it is crucial to continually monitor and adjust rates based on market demands and the rates offered by competitors.

RateGain’s Price Intelligence Solution and Channel Management System have proven to be invaluable tools for Safir Hotels & Resorts. By utilizing these solutions, the hotel group can effectively analyze market data, compare rates with competitors, and make informed pricing decisions. This dynamic approach has not only added significant value to their hotels but has also generated higher revenue, illustrating the success and impact of RateGain’s solutions in optimizing hotel performance and profitability.

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Let me just say that the static era has been ended since the end of COVID-19 pandemic. And right now the most important thing for the revenue and the reservations teams overall is to take the right decision at the right time.

And day-to-day operation is very important — to look after your rates, to compare your rates with the competition, and to put your rates according to the market demands in the destination.

And let me say that one of the most important solutions that we are using is RateGain’s Price Intelligence Solution, together with RateGain’s Channel Management System which gives a great added value to our hotels. And, of course, it has generated more revenue for us.

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Galal Farag, the Corporate Manager of Revenue Management & Distribution at Safir Hotels & Resorts

Galal Farag
Corporate Manager, Revenue Management & Distribution
Safir Hotels & Resorts