In a recent discussion, Cynthia Lim — the Group Revenue Manager at The Ascott Group — highlighted the significance of examining the technology stack employed by hotels, specifically focusing on The Ascott Group.

She emphasized the need to evaluate the integration and compatibility of systems such as the Property Management System (PMS), Distribution Systems, Revenue Management Systems, rate shopping, and other market solutions. By assessing how these technologies work together, companies can ensure efficient operations and optimize performance. Cynthia’s insights shed light on the importance of technological changes and the strategic utilization of the technology stack in the hospitality industry.

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I think, generally, we have to look at the whole stack of technology that the hotel uses. Right down from the PMS, how it integrates with the Distribution Systems, how it integrates with Revenue Management Systems, as well as the rate shopping and all the various systems and solutions that have come up in the market. How they would all actually stack up together for the company. Thank you.

Meet the Speaker

Cynthia Lim who is the Group Revenue Manager for The Ascott Group

Cynthia Lim
Group Revenue Manager
The Ascott Limited