In a discussion on technological changes at Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts, Boris Sertic highlights the significance of a customer-first approach while implementing innovation and solutions. The company’s core DNA revolves around maintaining a human touch, which they actively promote. However, Sertic acknowledges that while automation and technological advancements are essential for future-proofing the company, the pace of progress is dependent on the organization’s resources and the evolving landscape.

Resource limitations pose challenges to the swift implementation of new solutions. Sertic emphasizes the need to balance the desire to move fast with a cautious and calculated approach. The uncertain climate caused by the COVID-19 pandemic further reinforces the importance of taking measured steps before fully adopting new technologies. Sertic also notes that waiting for technology to become more affordable can be beneficial, given its evolving nature. This consideration of affordability plays a significant role in the decision-making process for implementing technological changes at Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts.

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Again, this is a very tricky question because we all come from different business needs, and it starts with your company DNA. So, it all depends on how far forward and how fast you want to go. Because, as we will discuss a little bit later today in a panel, it’s, uh, it’s down to your organization. And, you know, from our point of view, we still need to keep that level of customer-first. So, as much as innovation, solutions, technology is at the forefront of our thinking, we believe that we still need to take a customer-first approach. And then after that approach, we will then apply whatever solutions we feel will future-proof the company. Human touch is still number one for Banyan Tree, and we want to stay true to that core DNA the company was set up as, and we are actively promoting that.

Innovation automation is the way forward, and it will take a bit of time because it’s not so much what we want, it’s also what financial resources our owners, investors currently have. So, it’s a double-edged sword. You want to move fast, but you’re still pretty much stuck in second gear. We just want to take it easy, get out of this COVID uncertainty, and then move into a more calculated position that we can apply these new solutions. And also, as we know, sometimes it’s also good to wait a little bit because technology is changing, evolving, and it’s becoming more affordable. So, I think affordability is also a big part of decision-making that we will take into consideration.

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Boris Sertic
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