In this insightful discussion, Bharath Satyavolu, Group AVP at Centara Hotels & Resorts, highlights the profound impact of COVID-19 on the hotel industry.

Satyavolu emphasizes that past data has become obsolete and stresses the need to focus on forward-looking data and demand. He emphasizes that hotels must invest in technological changes to enable swift reactions and secure market share in the evolving post-COVID landscape. The discussion underscores the crucial role of adapting to new technologies for hotels to ensure profitability and remain competitive.

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One of the things that COVID has fundamentally changed is it has made the past data redundant. Some of the most important changes in the post-COVID world is that we need to be looking at the forward-looking data and the forward demand for us to be able to react quickly and capture market share. I think that is one area where hotels need to be investing in.

Meet the Speaker

Bharath Satyavolu, Group AVP (Revenue Management & Distribution) at Centara Hotels & Resorts

Bharath Satyavolu
Group AVP – Revenue Management & Distribution
Centara Hotels & Resorts