Bryan Bailey — VP of Revenue & Distribution at Minor Hotels — talks to RateGain about the technological changes critical for hotel commercial teams to remain profitable.

Bryan emphasizes on the need to understand the customer journey for the technological needs of hotels. He mentions how technology can be used to gather and store data at various touch points in the customer journey.

Talking about the years of crisis, he recalls the significant technological developments that have happened in the hotel industry.

Bryan believes that it is important for hotels to seize the opportunities presented by technology to gather more customer information, as using customer information effectively can help hotels respond to customer requirements & enhance profitability.

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It remains all about the customer. So, our understanding of the customer and their entire journey, from start to finish, is what our technology needs require. We need to understand a customer’s journey. We may not specifically be involved in the entire journey, but parts of it have technology touch points where we can gather and store data. We can also, there has been a lot of technology development that has been ongoing throughout the years of crisis. So now is the time for us to understand the opportunities that exist, to be able to gather more information about our customers and use that to determine how do we respond to what customers are requiring.

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Bryan Bailey — VP of Revenue & Distribution at Minor Hotels

Bryan Bailey
VP – Revenue Management & Distribution
Minor Hotels