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Why UX is Instrumental for Revenue Management
January 14, 2020
Data analytics in the hospitality sector has always held incredible promise. With rapid advancements in business intelligence and UI design, I was eager to take the latest innovations to the world’s leading (and most disruptive) hospitality brands. This would help them deliver exceptional experiences to travelers across the globe, in turn translating into a measurable uptick in revenues. It’s only been about three months that I have been part of the RateGain team...
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Visualizing Data Like a Pro: The Key to Unlock the Data Gold Mine
December 17, 2019
With digitization underway at organizations of all sizes across industries, data is establishing itself as the most critical factor for ensuring success. Companies use data to make informed decisions about product design, marketing and hotel distribution strategy, customer experience, manufacturing operations, and more. Accelerating the process of converting data to insights to decisions is critical to achieving a competitive edge and consistent business growth. But...
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Smart Shopping for Data: Driving Analytics Excellence in the Airlines Industry
December 4, 2019
Airlines today leverage terabytes of data to gather actionable insights that influence decision making – from revenue management and route planning to customer behavior mapping and MRO management – data is what enables them to ensure profitability and efficiency. Companies store historical data, from as far back as three years, to analyze trends for pricing and prepare better for seasonal shifts in demand. Moreover, with omnichannel marketing and sales becoming the ...
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Mr. Hotelier, Four Signs It is Time to Change your Distribution Partner
November 29, 2019
For the hotel industry, distribution is at the core of revenue success. But the truth is that while technology, customer profiles and buying habits have changed dramatically, hoteliers have been sluggish in reviewing and revamping their distribution eco-systems. Many continue to remain dependent on Property Management Systems (PMS´), Central Reservation Systems (CRS´), old fashioned Channel Managers, Revenue Management Systems (RMS´), & with business intelligenc...
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Adopting SCRUM in the Organization’s People Processes
November 22, 2019
The Scrum Book of knowledge has defined scrum as an adaptive, fast, and flexible methodology which is designed to deliver significant value to a project. Scrum ensures that there is transparency in communication, and it creates an environment of continuous growth. According to Jeff Sutherland (the co-creator of Scrum), “SCRUM is the art of doing twice the work in half the time". Nowadays, the HR teams across industries are exploring various methods to manage v...
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How to Deliver Value In The Era Of Hospitality Industry Consolidation?
November 19, 2019
A common topic at travel conferences and in travel publication is that of consolidation, on both the supply and demand side of the equation. While the benefits for the parties of the consolidation seem clear on the surface, are they truly taking advantage of the economies of scale while fending off new entrants into the industry? Consolidation is a common occurrence in industries that have seen the same long-term growth as the hotel industry. According to a 2019 ...
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What will define Long Term Success for Airlines
November 11, 2019
Data-driven stable systems v/s Feature-Rich Ecosystems We today live in a world where we now have an app for everything. Today we have more than 5.5 million apps available across all app stores with over 178.1 billion downloads every year, suggesting that on an average each of the 2.7 billion mobile users try more than 65 apps. This clearly tells us that we have a technological solution available to solve every type of challenge faced by an organization or by you....
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Challenges for Airline Revenue Managers Beyond 2020
October 23, 2019
This year marks the end of a landmark decade for digitization and technological adoption. Path breaking technologies like artificial intelligence and personalization have been incorporated into business functions to facilitate strategy execution. The fact that 72% of business leaders[1] believe that AI is synonymous with ‘business advantage’ attests this growing shift. This year has manifested numerous ups and downs for the airline industry. Some of the disruptio...
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Putting User Experience at the center of a new problem
October 15, 2019
I have been practicing and preaching UX for the last 19 years across large and small organizations. I have had the fortune of working with organizations focussed on delivering exceptional experiences to the end user and delivered some innovative products across the globe. Luckily today, most organizations understand the relevance of crafting the right user experience and seem to be investing in the practice to make life easy for your product, sales, after-sales and ...
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